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This article contains information specific to STB Critical Care Units.

  • See STB General Collection Guide for general STB information such as: links to EPR, Mail room, medical records. Information also in regards to obtaining hand sanitizer, wipes, printer paper for collection offices.
  • See ICU Curriculum for general critical care info.

Please make sure you document information at the most general level that is applicable, i.e. don't code something that affects all collection at StB in the program or unit level articles.

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see STB General Collection Guide#IMPORTANT UPDATE DURING CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC for general info

  • STB ICU Data Collectors will be working from home until recalled or redeployed; we are monitoring our emails

Covid Unit info

AS OF NOVEMBER 2020, in order to accommodate COVID ICU patients & in an attempt to keep specific units "clean/dirty"

“ACCU has transferred 4 of their beds over to ICCS, in order to take in 4 beds for ICMS overflow patients. There has been a surge in ICU bed requirements lately, and this is part of the pandemic plan through HICS. In order to keep ICCS somewhat green, ACCU will take on the overflow for ICMS. The ACCU attendings will be the responsible physicians for those patients in ICCS (this is different than the current guidelines, as these patients are not our overflow but part of their baseline); The unit staff remain in their own units at this time - collaboration between the units will continue, and conversations about acuity will be front and center.”

    • ICMS has now 18 opened beds (14+4 in ACCU)
    • ACCU remains 8 opened bed (4 main unit +4 ICCS) giving their other 4 Bed to ICMS
    • ICCS reduced from 14 to whatever available (e.g. 10)

On-site presence of collectors

  • each ICU collector will be on site once weekly to collect completed TISS forms & complete profiles in Health Records & ICUs as required
    • Marla Penner will be on site each Tuesday
    • Valerie Penner will be on site each Wednesday
    • Stephanie Cortilet will be on site each Thursday
  • when on site, each collector will request that their unit clerk send the completed TISS forms kept on unit to Health Records via pneumatic tube; forms will be sent in an envelope addressed to Attn. Research Shelf 24

STB Medical Records requests

TISS forms

  • completed TISS forms - please send to main office on day completed. For main office to received them next day, must be submitted to STB Mail Room before 1400 hrs.
    • mail to WRHA Adult Critical Care Program office(TISS forms), GF 201 – 820 Sherbrook Street,(Green Owl, level 2 Rm GF201) Health Sciences Center, R3A-1R9

Cardiac Type patients

see STB Cardiac Care patients

VAP notification

In addition to Contacting Quality Officer and Manager for VAPs and CLIs, for VAP's also notify Rob Ariano who will notify all contacts for a SWOOP.

See STB VAP Committee.


Remember to count cardiac MRI, echos and angiograms in the labs.


Some heart attack patients go straight to the heart cath lab directly from EMS. See STEMI for collection instructions for such patients.

Cardiac Care patients

See STB Cardiac Care patients for information specific to the cardiac service care patients in the STB MICU/SICU unit.

Patient origins and types (Admit_Type_for_APACHE_II)

  • The following seems to be different than what is in Admit_Type_for_APACHE_II - there it says they have to be directly from OR.
  • These things should be the same for medicine and critical care at STB, no? If any instructions separate from Admit Type for APACHE II are actually required, they should live in STB General Collection Guide instead of here. Ttenbergen 15:40, 2020 October 7 (CDT)
  • SMW

  • Cargo

  • Categories

Medical type patients are those under medical service and may have come from a medical ward or from ER or from outside of the hospital. The medical wards at STB include

  • E5
  • B5
  • E6
  • A6
  • A5 is the cardiology ward (not part of our database)

The surgical type patients are those that are admitted directly from the OR, PARR or any surgical ward. The surgical wards in SBGH are:

  • CR4 cardiac surgery ward
  • 2B day surg
    • 6AW gyne
      • October 2, 2020 - this has changed. 6AW is covid ward and 6AS is covid suspect ward.
  • 4AS surg
  • 7AS
  • 7AW.

When a pt is admitted from CR5 (CICU) this pt is deemed a surgical type (not cardiac).

cost center

Our cost number for supply ordering is 6766

Outreach efforts

St Boniface critical care collectors attend the STB VAP Committee.

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