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This article provides information on how to request patient charts from Medical Records at STB. It is part of the STB General Collection Guide.

Requesting charts

  • Health Records policy requires that chart requests be submitted 3-5 days prior to date of review
  • generate the output from CCMDB.mdb using the MR List. Attach the MR list to a STB Medical Records Request form; copies of this form are kept in the main cupboard in the Critical Care Data Office N4069 at SBGH. Mark the "Request for Health Records" form with our Data Collection reserved shelf number #24.
  • submit the Media:STB Medical Records Request.pdf form to the front desk of Health Records . If unsure of where Shelf #24 is located when ready to review charts, just ask the staff at the front desk and they will be happy to show you.
  • if the collector is not going/unable to review charts at requested time, inform the front desk.
  • requests must include collectors name and email/phone contact information, date required for review as well at the Shelf number to place the charts on. Shelf #24.

Chart locations

  • once the charts are pulled, the Health Records clerk puts them on a shelf #24 that is designated solely for our use
  • sometimes we get email notice that the charts are ready, sometimes we get a call, and sometimes we get nothing at all
  • new Collectors can just ask the front desk staff where Shelf #24 is and they will be happy to show you.

Legacy info

  • in the past, we used a chart request document that needed to be filled in by hand, with or without a printed version of our Access list which was then faxed/hand delivered to the Health Records Department. After reviewing this process with them 2019-12, we were informed that we no longer need to submit the handwritten document, and that it would be acceptable to email them the output from CCMDB..

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