STB ICUs VAP Rate, CLIBSI Rate Summary

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Report: STB ICUs VAP Rate, CLIBSI Rate Summary
Contact Person : Scott Coley & Adrian Eisma
Recipients: St Boniface Cardiac Sciences Program (STB site only)
Frequency: monthly
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Data Dependencies : Central Line Related Blood stream Infection (CLR-BSI) Iatrogenic, infection, central venous catheter-related bloodstream infection (CVC-BSI, CLI) Pneumonia, ventilator-associated (VAP) Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Rate Central Line Associated Blood-Stream Infection (CLA-BSI) rate APACHE Score
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Monthly report of VAP - Ventilator Associated Pneumonia dates and Iatrogenic, infection, central venous catheter-related bloodstream infection (CVC-BSI, CLI) dates by patient, APACHE Score



  • Reported monthly by unit (i.e. ICMS, ICCS and ACCU)


  • STB Quality Improvement Team-
  • Contact staff
    • Scott Coley & Adrian Eisma - Sept 2023 to present - VAP and CLI rates and APACHE Score
    • Carlos Molina - 2022 to Aug 2023 - VAP and CLI rates only (drop CAM rate)
    • Brett Hiebert - 2017 to 2021 - CAM, VAP and CLI rates
    • Lillian Koley - 2013 to 2017 - VAP and CLI rates only

File locations

  • S:\MED\MED_CCMED\Julie\CC Projects\yyyy\02_STBCAMVAPCLI_Coley_Eisma where yyyy=year

SAS Program

  • S:\MED\MED_CCMED\Julie\CC Projects\2024\2024-02_STBCAMVAPCLI_Coley_Eisma\


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  • Explanation: stopped reporting CAM and Delirium days
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  • IIRC we collected CAM positive (TISS Item) specifically for this, right? If so, can we stop collecting it? And can we make sure a stoppage like this in the future results in reviewing what we collect? Ttenbergen 10:02, 2024 March 20 (CDT)
    • Delirium rate per 1000 days per unit is being reported in the OIT Reports. ---JMojica 11:49, 2024 March 20 (CDT)
      • As in Delirium days is reported in Critical Care Program Quality Indicator Report? But that doesn't mention anything about per-1000-days. Ttenbergen 17:00, 2024 March 20 (CDT)
      • The rate is mentioned in the succeeding definition with the delirium days as numerator. Your proposal here is to stop collecting TISS item CAM positive which I disagree because that TISS item is being used and reported as rate in OIT Report. Besides, the reason why it was dropped in in the STB VAPCLI report is because the requestor has changed. Brett Hiebert who used to request this was involved in the VAP group and another Delirium group so he asked to have both as one request. Brett had left and the VAP group filled up a new request to continue the VAP data and not on the delirium data. --JMojica 13:58, 2024 March 25 (CDT)
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