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S Cognos Services table is an administrative-only table in CCMDB.mdb. It contains the values used to make sense of the services data in Cognos EPR Report .

Data Structure

Field Name Data Type Length Meaning
Service String 255 Name as from Cognos EPR Report/Cognos data import
sorter Number long sort order of collector dropdown; "common" units should be near the top and rare ones at the bottom, but generally the list is alphabetical, so use something sensible in discussion with local collector
MISI text 4 data to help break services into what locations they correspond to
program text 3 CC (Critical Care) or Med (Medicine); sometimes blank if it's neither
hosp text 3 Hospital
exclude boolean usually "true" since we don't collect most services, but occasionally false; this determines whether the service will show up in CSS

Exceptional entries

Almost all the data in this table is added as it first appears on Cognos EPR Report. There are some exceptions where we added records to facilitate dealing with manual entries we make in Service tmp entry:

  • HSC Critical Care – MICU
  • HSC Critical Care – SICU

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