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We are changing the collection and storage of TISS data to enter it directly into the Patient Viewer Tab CCI_Pick.

Collection instructions

You can filter the Patient Viewer Tab CCI_Pick for only TISS entries using the "TISS" button in the bottom left corner.

The easiest way to enter a new TISS item is to use the corresponding button in the row of numbered buttons on the bottom of the screen. If you can't remember the item numbers, then (a) hovering over the button will give you the descriptions or (b) you can click on the wiki link just to the left of the numbered buttons to open the wiki page TISS Item List.

First entry per day

  • For every day of any item on the TISS Item List entered that item's CCI Picklist entry as Acquired Procedure. Enter the date but no time. Keep Px_Count=1.
  • If no TISS item was done for a patient, enter a line "No TISS Item" and the date but no time.
  • To enter a TISS item of the same kind for the next day or unit, click the "x2" button and then the "+" for to increase the date.

Additional entries on a day

  • add the time: for the second and any additional TISS CCI entries on a day, enter as Px Date the full unit start date and time as per that unit's Boarding Loc entry.
  • If no TISS item was done on the second or succeeding location, enter a line "No TISS Item" with that location's Boarding Loc date and time for each
    • Time is needed to connect this TISS entry with a specific unit; without the time entry it would be impossible to tell which of two TISS entries for a day goes with which unit.

A patient may change locations (or units) during a day (a location or unit can be ER, Recovery Room, HSC MICU, HSC SICU, HSC IICU, STB ICMS, STB ACCU, STB ICCS, GRA ICU or any boarding location). If this happens, we need to be able enter a second TISS entry and to assign the TISS entry to a specific location (or unit). This is done by entering the unit start date and time into the Px Date (this is the only reason you would add a time to this field).

Phase-out of TISS forms

Forms to be completed to #Change Date and submitted to main office.

Making it easier to enter these...

We will add some tools to Patient Viewer Tab CCI_Pick to make it a bit easier to enter TISS items. TISS items 2, 3, 4 are commonly used so good for testing.

Tools that have been added

  • Buttons to enter TISS items
    • click to enter a new Acquired px for that TISS item
    • hover over the button to see the description
  • Filter buttons
    • Click the "TISS" button in the bottom right corner to filter the CCI Pick tab to only TISS items. Click the "CCI" button to only see CCI entries. Click either toggled button to again see all CCI Picklist items.

Tools that were not added and why

  • display as spreadsheet in similar format to how TISS sheet looks now?
    • That would be neat, but there are two problems: (1) there is limited space on our screen, and TISS is sparsely entered, so this would waste a lot of space, but more importantly (2) we store the TISS info in a way that makes it basically impossible to show it in a two dimensional format like that and yet have it editable. Ttenbergen 09:36, 2020 December 1 (CST)
  • own tab?
    • several people suggested putting these in their own tab;
      • added filter button instead, which essentially turns that tab into a TISS tab as needed

Phase-out of TISS scanning process

Pagasa would scan any forms that are at least partly before the transition date. If forms later than that were scanned that would not harm anything, it would just be a waste of time. We would need to either exclude scanned data after the transition date, or write a query to delete it outright.

Change date

  • Start date to enter TISS as CCI: Dec 7, 2020
  • Last date for TISS form entries: Dec 6, 2020

To Do


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When this is settled, there need to be wiki updates to many pages:

  • added: no added date
  • action: no action date
  • Cargo

  • Categories

Cross checks


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TISS quality checks#TISS checks run in Data Processing has a list, these need to be reviewed and some implemented in CCMDB.accdb

  • added: no added date
  • action: no action date
  • Cargo

  • Categories


It was decided at Task meeting that we would stop collecting TISS data on the pink sheets and instead enter it directly into CCMDB.accdb.

There are several reasons to do this:

  • now that we do all the collection of this, the TISS sheets have really just become a different place where our collectors enter data; if we are doing it anyway, might as well enter straight into electronic format
  • processing TISS forms relies on a complicated scanning, import and matching process; entering the data directly means we can drop that process
  • eliminating the TISS forms eliminates handling of paper forms from COVID zones
  • TISS items can be populated earlier and need not wait until the patient is discharged out of the hospital (as what was happening when having TISS forms) - availability of TISS data are sooner and lesser wait compared with having the TISS forms.

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