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Transitional Care is provided in Transition Care Units (TCU) and River Ridge Transition Care Environment (TCE).

A transitional care facility is a temporary place for patients that are waiting for placement into an alternate care setting.

Other medical care and rehabilitation is provided before going home, to a nursing home or to other more permanent placement. This includes Geriatric Rehab.

In the WRHA setting TCUs usually have a defined period of time for the resident's stay to determine most appropriate final discharge destination.

If a patient's discharge to a TCU was delayed by more than a day then also code Awaiting/delayed transfer to lower acuity site in Winnipeg other than home or LTC/PCH.

Transitional Care Units

Transition Care in hospital. These are inpatients.

Units available in S dispo table

See #Legacy Units for legacy units.

Misericordia - Transitional care

  • last used 2021-11

VIC - Transitional care

Last used 2021-03 as per query z_s_dispo_lastUsed - is this still a thing?
  • SMW

  • Cargo

  • Categories

Data Use

  • This is not part of the regular quarter reports. However, maybe asked in specific request where the interest is the location the patient went after discharged.

#Transitional Care Units concept is encoded in S dispo.service type. All of them are encoded in S dispo.loc_type.

Legacy Locations

  • GRA - no longer in existence as of October 2017 - use to be W4; disappeared when CAU came
  • HSC - no longer existence as of November 2017
  • STB
    • Location: A6S; used to be 4E
    • Start Date: 2017-Oct-3
    • Number of beds: 18 is the goal

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