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This article describes how the Data Processor "pushes up" (ie moves to the server from her local c:\ drive) Centralized_data.mdb and PHI.mdb for editing. The file gets moved to the server because collectors can send to it there.

Data should always be in a "pushed" state during designated sending times.

ALWAYS make sure you finish "Pushing" Centralized data.mdb before you go home or Data collectors will not be able to send during the next designated sending times.

Instructions / Steps to Push

Make sure to close database!

  • double-click on Centralized_CCMDB (folder shortcut icon)
  • double click on Push_up_centralized_data.vbs
  • Prompts do you want to ...
  • Answer Yes
  • Wait for the program to push which takes approx. 5 minutes
  • Prompts finished processing pull script
  • click OK
  • The Push/Pull log will show whether you are in 'push' or 'pull' mode.


The data processor takes control of the data by "Pulling" Centralized data.mdb, and releases it back for sending or for others to access by "Pushing" Centralized data.mdb.

The current state of pushing/pulling can be seen in the Push/Pull log

At the beginning and end of the day, it should ALWAYS be in push mode.

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