Arrest Witnessing

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Active?: aborted in planning
Program: CC and Med
Requestor: Allan Garland and a Resident
Collection start:
Collection end:

Legacy Content

This page contains Legacy Content.
  • Explanation: It was determined that the data could be found elsewhere. The values were never added to s_tmp table.
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Perry Gray got back to me about his desire to distinguish Witnessed vs. Unwitnessed Cardiac Arrests in our databases.

  • AG ADDITIONAL INPUT ON APRIL 20.18 -- In further discussions with Perry Gray, we (the database system) do NOT need to collect this data (at least for now). Perry has a different, more direct (and easier for us) way to get the info he needs.

Data Collection Instructions

for which patients to code

Any HSC patients who has an Admit Diagnosis of Cardiac arrest.

how to code in CCMDB TMP

For every qualifying patient enter:

  • Project: Arrest Witnessing
  • Item / Column N: enter one of the following
    • arrest witnessed
    • arrest not witnessed
  • Date: form date

Start and Stop Dates

It was determined that we will not need this project.

CCMDB Data Integrity Checks

We won't implement any at start of project until we have some data to do a sanity check, but will likely need the following:

  • if patient qualifies (HSC and arrest) then an entry must be present
  • date or checkbox have to be filled
  • if date is filled, date has to be between Arrive_DtTm and Dispo_DtTm

Data Use