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This is a legacy article only. Medicine is no longer being backed 
up because no longer used. Centralized backup gets taken care of 
by the Pull down centralized data.vbs and 
Push up centralized data.vbs scripts instead. 

This batch file creates a compressed archive using 7Zip of Critical Care data files from C:\TMSX\data and subsequently stores the archive on the M:\ drive in a date-time stamped directory, e.g.,


Files included in the backup:

The batch file is located in C:\ccmis_backup on the main data processing computer. A backup copy is located in X:\ccmis_backup\Copy of batch files on Pagasa C drive. It is run once daily by the Data Processor. Each time the batch is run a log file is also generated and is located at C:\ccmis_backup\logs.

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Implementation/change log


  • Location of backup archive changed from X: to M: drive
  • Updated compression utility to 7zip (from PKZIP) to support long file names