Change to having each collector collect both programs on the same laptop

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We did the roll-out for this for the H6 laptop. Ran into several issues with Reconnect check orphans query and News and Backup. Since SF is coming and will make this trivial we will delay the change until then. H6 remains doubled up, all other laptops are one program only for now.

Implementation details   


News and backup

Laptop configuration

Implementation details

Two copies of ccmdb.accdb need to be present, since you can't open a second instance of the same file. A powershell script opens the two files in the correct order. A shortcut launches the powershell script.

desktop shortcut   
  • double-clicking on a powerscript file will by default open it in an editor, so we made a shortcut to run the script instead of editing it.
powershell script details   
  • the script ccmdb_starter_both.ps1 opens the first file with command line parameters, waits for the user to click enter, and then opens the second one
  • powershell was used because batch would not process command line parameters right
  • the two file starts are separated by user having to click OK in the script to make sure they are actually logged in in the correct order
implementation inside CCMDB_*.accdb   
  • The program attempts to read the data file name from the command line via VBA using Command(). If no command line parameter is given the old standard ccmdb_data.mdb is used.

Paths not taken

same ccmdb.accdb, different command line parameters   
  • this didn't allow opening the second instance while the first is open.
collecting programs in same Access DB   
  • This would require major changes to cross checks, form hiding and other places, and since we are likely moving away to SF it wasn't worth it.
Store data file path info in settings   
  • The settings are stored in the data file, so CCMDB.accdb wouldn't know where to get the data.

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