Controlling Dx Type for ICD10 codes

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Data Integrity Checks
Summary: Some dxs can't be Dx Types Primary Admit Diagnosis, Comorbid Diagnosis, Admit Diagnosis or Acquired Diagnosis
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Firmness: hard check
Timing: complete
App: CCMDB.accdb
Uses L Problem table: not relevant for this app
Status: needs review
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Backlogged: true
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Proposed Solution

Encode which codes can not be of a particular type; this will likely be fewer checks, and it will also likely be an easier and more deterministic answer without ifs-thens-buts; it will be a slightly less tight check but with fewer false positives.


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  • Built query "z_ComoAdmAcqu_Primary_List", exported to excel, sent to Barret; Allan said this is low priority, so putting a review data of 3 months from now
  • added this back to the task list, been almost 6 months
  • added: 2022-02-17
  • action: 2022-08-10
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  • put cross checks into CCMDB.accdb to prevent bad entries

why do this change outside the wiki?

The change will require editing every single record in the ICD10 Diagnosis List, so doing it on the wiki would be time-prohibitive. If we do it externally the new fields would be imported into the wiki, which would then again be the master repository for this.

  • We will use a tool like AutoWikiBrowser or similar to get the changes integrated into pages.


It was decided that this is worth doing, and that the above is a reasonable way to do it. Allan is working on generating the list.

Wiki cleanups when done


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_after Make sure that these examples that were mentioned over time are adressed:

  • added: 2022-02-17
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If we do this, should we do more?

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