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Data Integrity Checks
Summary: Checks that the registry times are in a sensible chronological order.
Related: Dispo DtTm
Firmness: hard check
Timing: always
App: CCMDB.accdb
Coding: Function Dispo_Chronological()
Uses L Problem table: not relevant for this app
Status: retired
Implementation Date: 2016-05-25
Backlogged: No
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Retired as part of Change to replace Accept DtTm with first Service tmp entry, and Arrive DtTm with first Boarding Loc as there is nothing left to check here, and all the tmp based checks are already done elsewhere.

The check will generate an error if:

  • Arrive DtTm has to be before or equal to Accept DtTm
  • Arrive DtTm has to be before or equal Transfer Ready DtTm
  • Arrive DtTm has to be before Dispo DtTm
  • Transfer Ready DtTm has to be before Dispo DtTm
  • Dispo DtTm has to be before Now() / today

No checks on Visit Admit DtTm field since taken direct from EPR, so it is what it is.

Transfer vs (accept vs arrive)

In the real world, the Transfer Ready DtTm could well be between Accept DtTm and Arrive DtTm. Our check would flag this as an error. As per ICU Database Task Group Meeting – January 24, 2019 | Task Meeting 209-01-24 point 8 it was decided to continue to only allow a transfer date after arrival date. The rationale was that we don't care about time wasted outside of our units/wards, only on our units.

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