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Location HSC-GA7S
First Admission 18 October 2004
Program Medicine
Hospital HSC
Nr of Beds
Collection Unit Phone:
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Location profile

  • Is this a unit we currently collect on? What is it now? Ttenbergen 13:45, 2022 October 13 (CDT)
    • It is currently empty, I think it is used as contingency beds Lisa Kaita 12:19, 2022 October 20 (CDT)
      • Yes, it seems to be a wildcard place. So we need to document on this page when we find out a change in function, since it affects how we categorize admissions. EG at some point this was an ICU, at another a Med ward (possibly high obs). Ttenbergen 17:31, 2022 November 3 (CDT)
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We have records with this unit as a Boarding Loc for both the CC and Med programs.

While it was used for Medicine it operated as a regular ward level of care. While used for CC it operated as a IICU level of care.



  • This same location has different levels of care over time. Currently the s_level_of_care table can only accommodate one, ie changes over time can't be included in it. My first thought was to include start and end times for this, but what if patients from both programs were boarding on a given unit at the same time? Can that happen? The very concept that these are boarding locations kind of means crazy things could go on. How do we best accommodate this? Would we always know as a physical location (especially a boarding one) changes LOC? Ttenbergen 13:53, 2022 October 13 (CDT)
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  • I came across this issue because Julie's data and mine had different Transfer Delay when this location was involved. This seems to mean that Julie's doesn't use the table to designate level of care. That could become a source of inconsistency. Should we do this the same way? What is the obstacle? Ttenbergen 13:45, 2022 October 13 (CDT)
    • I do not use the s_level_of_care table for the reason that the same location can be assigned with more than one level of care either CC or HOBS or regular. I simplify the process in my program. For Critical Care, since each record is based by unit, if the patient stays in more than one boarding loc i.e. ER/PACU/Home unit/offservice unit, I consider them under the same level of care. Ex an IICU pt staying at SICU/GGA7/GA7S have same level of care, an ICMS patient staying at L2ME(IMCU)/L2HA(Recovery)/home unit/offunit(ACCU/ICCS) are under same level of care. For Medicine, in my program, for each record and boarding locations, I just need to distinguish the HOBS locations (e.g. HSC-GH7S,HSC_HOBS,HSC_H4H,HSC_B2 (only from dt 4/7/2020 to 8/7/2020) and STB_IMCU) and others not specified as HOBS are treated as regular wards (no need to spell out the individual names and no worry if new location comes up which are not yet added in the s_level_of_care table). --JMojica 16:33, 2022 October 14 (CDT)
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