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Cognos2 Service Starter is used as part of Using Cognos2 to keep track of patients to list the patient services that came in on the Cognos EPR Report and facilitate getting new records started, or update existing records with new service info. It's part of Cognos2 can be opened with the "CSS" button on the Main Form (CCMDB.accdb).

Cognos2 Service Starter can be opened with the "CSS" button on the Main Form .

Use this to figure out which service records in Cognos don't have an entry on your laptop yet, and to start an entry for it. Lines with a white plus don't have a profile for this pt on this laptop yet. Lines with a pink plus already have a record, but may need a new one or a new Service tmp entry.

Use the O button to open or the + button to add records. Meanings of colours are at the bottom of the screen. The buttons will open the record to the Patient Viewer Tab Cognos ADT2, where other service or unit entries for that record can then be entered.


We receive some data for services which we don't collect. You can remove it from CSS by clicking the "exclude" button on that line to remove a single service/time combination; if the same pt shows up again for the same service with a different time later, a new line will show (i.e. excluding a patient once doesn't mean they will never show up again).

You can click on the chart number field of an entry to see exclusions that have been set for this MRN. If a line was excluded accidentally, you can delete it from the exclusions and it will show up again in CSS if it is still in the most recent Cognos dump.

Use the "View exclusions" button to see all lines that have been excluded, i.e. including lines for which there is not currently a record in the cognos dump; this is by hospital MRN so search/filter with that.

Why does this not contain unit info?

Doing so would introduce clutter and additional lines since unit starts and service starts don't always align. See CUS for unit starts.

Which lines in CSS require action

All lines in CSS require action. See Using Cognos2 to keep track of patients.

  • for services that we really don't collect, exclude the service (e.g. Family medicine, STB Internal Med/Respiratory, Cardiology)
  • for services that we do collect, enter the service as listed with the date and time as listed; this may get changed later, see Service tmp entry and DtTm for First Boarding Loc and First Service for details

"Show records on laptop with same chart number" button

The button at the end of the line will list the Previous entry form records only for this chart number.

W+ toggle

The "W+" toggle button filters to only records with a white plus, ie no entries on laptop for that pt yet. Now that records that are dealt with will come off the list, this button should no longer be very useful.

Cognos Import Button

There is a button in the top right corner of CSS that allows anyone who has the Cognos data email to import it. There is no process for this yet, and it will generally not work for collectors. It's just a contingency tool for now.

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