Implantation of Internal Device

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CCI component 2 codes - what was done
Procedure: Implantation of Internal Device
CCI 2 code: 53
CCI Collection Mode: CCI collect each

This procedure is a part of CCI Collection. This is one of the CCI component 2 codes - what was done.

Additional Info

  • When a drainage (e.g. abscess) procedure is done and a temporary drain is left in place, only code the drainage procedure, i.e. do not use this code for that.
    • More generally, use this code for devices that are entirely internal, or have both an internal and external part but are meant to be permanent. BUT there are exceptions to this, for example DO code a temporary pacemaker (which has its own code, as below).
  • Excludes:

  • Use this code for devices for which any part in the body. Contrary to what Allan said before, it does NOT have to be entirely in the body.
  • Code this for such devices for which there is not a picklist option.

Removals are not coded

  • We do not code the removal or subsequent management of devices, only their insertion/implantation.

Collecting "CCI collect each" items

Px Date for patients who move

See Px Date#Moves

Alternate CCIs to consider coding instead or in addition

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