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CCI Collection is done in one of several "modes", meaning whether each procedure is coded, or only a first or counted coding is done. The different modes we use are CCI collect first, CCI collect each, CCI collect count each, CCI collect count days, CCI collect count units, N/A, CCI collect each day.

Collection instructions for each mode

The relevant instructions are automatically also listed on each CCI element's wiki page.

Collecting "CCI collect each" items

Collecting "CCI collect count each" items

Blood gas, arterial, and Blood gas, venous are only collected manually at the Grace, at HSC or STB they are automatically uploaded from DSM Lab Extract.

Collecting "CCI collect count days" items

Collecting "CCI collect count units" items

Collecting "CCI collect first" items

Collecting "CCI collect each day" items

  • "CCI collect each day" items are entered each time they happen
  • Px Date
  • Px Count
    • enter 1 regardless of how many times a day the procedure happened
  • this is usually the collection mode for TISS28 items, see TISS28 Collection Guide, and for some items that have replaced TISS items