CPR, cardiac resuscitation

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CCI Picklist
Procedure: CPR, cardiac resuscitation
CCI Picklist code: 1.HZ.30r
CCI Collection Mode: CCI collect first
Start Date:
Stop Date:

This procedure is a part of CCI Collection via CCI Picklist.

  • This code includes any/all aspects of cardiac resuscitation -- CPR itself, defibrillation, cardioversion, all the drugs given, etc
  • Note that this code does NOT include open, manual heart massage. Indeed that is one of List of CCI procedures we don't code.

Consider also CPR within past 24 hrs (TISS Item)

Collecting "CCI collect first" items

Px Date for patients who move

See Px Date#Moves

Non-standard CCI code

This is a non-standard CCI Procedure. Until 2019-07-24, the code for this was "1.HZ.30", which is the same as the combo code for Heart, and ultrasound. The data can be clearly identified by checking the tables directly, but the query Julie uses to combine the contents of the combo and picklist CCIs would list them with the same code. So, we added a "r" (for resusc) to this code to make it distinct. All old entries that were initially entered without the "r" have been changed.

Alternate CCIs to consider coding instead or in addition

Other procedure in Therapeutic Px:
 Has CCI Picklist CodeHas CCI 1 CodeHas CCI 2 Code
(D) Pericardium2.HA
(T) Abdominal Aorta1.KA
(T) Abdominal Arteries, NOS1.KE
(T) Abdominal, Pelvic or Peritoneal Cavity, NOS1.OT
(T) Adrenal Gland1.PB
(T) Ankle Joint1.WA
(T) Anus, Rectum1.NQ
(T) Aorta, NOS1.ID
(T) Aortic Valve, Related Structures1.HV
(T) Appendix1.NV
(T) Arm, NOS1.TZ
(T) Arteries of Leg, NOS1.KG
(T) Artery with Vein, NOS1.KY
(T) Artery, NOS1.KV
(T) Axillary Lymph Nodes1.MD
(T) Back, NOS1.SJ
(T) Blood Vessels, NOS1.KZ
(T) Bone Marrow1.WY
(T) Bone, NOS1.WX
(T) Brain1.AN
(T) Brain's Meninges, Dura, Subarachnoid, Ventricles1.AA
(T) Breast1.YM
(T) Bronchi1.GM
(T) Cardiac Atrium1.HM
(T) Cardiac Conduction System1.HH
(T) Cardiac ventricle1.HP
(T) Carotid Artery1.JE
(T) Central Nervous System, NOS1.AZ
(T) Cervix1.RN
(T) Circulatory System, NOS1.LZ
(T) Cochlea1.DM
(T) Cornea1.CC
(T) Coronary Arteries1.IJ
(T) Coronary Vessels, NOS1.IL
(T) Cranial Bones1.EA
(T) Cranial Nerves1.BA
(T) Diaphragm1.GX
(T) Digestive System, NOS1.OZ
(T) Ear, NOS1.DZ
(T) Elbow Joint1.TM
(T) Esophagus1.NA
(T) External Ear1.DA
(T) Eye, NOS1.CZ
(T) Facial Bones1.EG
(T) Female Genital Tract, NOS1.RZ
(T) Femur1.VC
(T) Finger1.UJ
(T) Gallbladder, Bile Ducts1.OD
(T) Glottis, Larynx, Related Structures1.GE
(T) Heart, NOS1.HZ
(T) Hip Joint1.VA
(T) Humerus, Radius, Ulna1.TK
(T) Interatrial Septum1.HN
(T) Interventricular Septum1.HR
(T) Intervertebral Disc1.SE
(T) Intraabdominal, Pelvic, Inguinal Lymph Nodes1.MG
(T) Intracranial Vessels1.JW
(T) Intrathoracic Lymph Nodes1.MF
(T) Joints of Fingers, Hand, NOS1.UL
(T) Jugular, Subclavian, Arm veins1.JU
(T) Kidney1.PC
(T) Knee Joint1.VG
(T) Large Intestine1.NM
(T) Leg, NOS1.VZ
(T) Lens1.CL
(T) Lip1.YE
(T) Liver1.OA
(T) Lung1.GT
(T) Lymph Nodes of Extremity1.MK
(T) Lymphatic System, NOS1.MZ
(T) Male Genital Tract, NOS1.QZ
(T) Mediastinum1.GW
(T) Mitral Valve, Related Structures1.HU
(T) Muscles of Chest, Abdomen, NOS1.SY
(T) Muscles or Soft Tissues of Head, Neck1.EQ
(T) Musculoskeletal System, NOS1.WZ
(T) NOS94
(T) Nasopharynx, Mouth, Oropharynx1.FK
(T) Nerves of Arm1.BM
(T) Nerves of Ear1.BD
(T) Nerves of Lower Trunk, Leg1.BT
(T) Nervous System, NOS1.BZ
(T) Nose1.ET
(T) Other Vessels of Head, Neck, Spine, NOS1.JX
(T) Other or Unknown Part of Body1.^^
(T) Ovary, Fallopian Tube1.RB
(T) Pancreas1.OJ
(T) Paranasal Sinuses1.EY
(T) Parathyroid Glands1.FV
(T) Pelvic Bones1.SQ
(T) Penis, Scrotum1.QE
(T) Pericardium1.HA
(T) Peripheral Nerves, NOS1.BX
(T) Pituitary Region1.AF
(T) Pleura1.GV
(T) Prostate1.QT
(T) Pulmonary Artery1.IM
(T) Pulmonary Vein1.IN
(T) Pulmonic Valve, Related Structures1.HT
(T) Respiratory System, NOS1.GZ
(T) Retina1.CN
(T) Rotator Cuff1.TC
(T) Scalp1.YA
(T) Shoulder Joint1.TA
(T) Skin, NOS1.YZ
(T) Small Intestine1.NK
(T) Soft Tissue and Muscle of the Hip and Thigh1.VD
(T) Soft Tissue of Arm, NOS1.TX
(T) Soft Tissue of Chest, Abdomen, NOS1.SZ
(T) Soft Tissue of Foot or Ankle1.WV
(T) Soft Tissue of Leg, NOS1.VX
(T) Soft Tissue of Orbit, Eyeball1.CP
(T) Soft Tissue of Wrist, Hand1.UY
(T) Spinal Cord, Spinal Canal, Meninges1.AW
(T) Spleen1.OB
(T) Sternum, Ribs, Clavicle, Scapula1.SL
(T) Stomach, Pylorus1.NF
(T) Subclavian, Brachiocephalic, Brachial, Arm Arteries1.JM
(T) Surgically Constructed Sites in Digestive and Biliary Tract1.OW
(T) Surgically Created Sites in Urinary Tract1.PV
(T) Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)1.EL
(T) Testis, Related Structures1.QM
(T) Thoracic Aorta1.IC
(T) Thoracic Cavity, anything inside, NOS1.GY
(T) Thoracic Duct1.MM
(T) Thoracic Vessels, NOS1.JY
(T) Thymus1.GK
(T) Thyroid Gland1.FU
(T) Tibia, Fibula1.VQ
(T) Toe1.WL
(T) Tonsils, Adenoids1.FR
(T) Tooth, Gingiva1.FD
(T) Total Body1.ZZ
(T) Trachea1.GJ
(T) Tricuspid Valve, Related Structures1.HS
(T) Tympanic Membrane1.DF
(T) Ureter, Bladder or Urethra1.PM
(T) Urinary System, NOS1.PZ
(T) Uterus and Surrounding Structures1.RM
(T) Vagina1.RS
(T) Vein, NOS1.KX
(T) Veins of Abdomen, Legs1.KR
(T) Vena Cava1.IS
(T) Vertebral Bones1.SC
(T) Vessels of Pelvis, Perineum, Gluteal Region1.KT
(T) Vulva or Perineum1.RW
(T) Wrist Joint1.UB
Angioplasty, coronary (with stenting)1.IJ.50.GQ-OA
Angioplasty, coronary (without stenting)1.IJ.50.GQ-BD
Arterial catheterization, any location1.KV.53.HA-FT
Arthrocentesis, diagnostic2.WZ.71
BMT (Bone marrow transplant or transfusion)1.WY.19
BiPAP, CPAP, NIV, own ventilator (Mechanical ventilation, noninvasive)1.GZ.31.CB-ND
CAR-T (Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cell Immunotherapy)XW043C3
CRRT (incl volume removal via PRISMA device)1.PZ.21.HQ-BS
CVC placement, any location1.IS.53.^^-LF
Capsule Endoscopy2.0Z.29
Cardioversion (EXCLUDE defibrillation-we are not tracking)1.HZ.09
Chest tube, left in place1GV.52.HA-TK
Closure of fistula86
Construction, Reconstruction84
Control of Bleeding13
Drainage, Evacuation52
ECMO, VA1.LZ.37.GP-QM.va
ECMO, VV1.LZ.37.GP-QM.vv
ECT (Electroconvulsive shock therapy to brain)1.AN.09
Excision with Reconstruction, Replacement90
Excision, Resection87
HD (Hemodialysis)1.PZ.21.HQ-BR
Implantation of Internal Device53
Nephrostomy placement1.PE.52
PD (Peritoneal dialysis)1.PZ.21.HP-D4
Pacemaker insertion, permanent1.HZ.53.GR-NK
Pacemaker insertion, temporary1.HZ.53.GR-NN
Pharmacotherapy, thrombolytic agent35.HA-1C
Procure, Harvest, Obtain for Further Use58
Radiation Therapy27
Release, Decompression72
Removal of Foreign Body56
TIPS (transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt)1.KQ.76.GP-NR
TPN (Total parenteral nutrition)1.LZ.35.HH-C6
Targeted Temperature Management (TTM)1.ZX.06
Tracheostomy creation1.GJ.77
Transfusion of PRBC1.LZ.19.HH-U1-J
Transfusion of albumin1.LZ.35.HH-C5
Transfusion of plasma products1.LZ.19.HH-U2-J
Transfusion of platelets1.LZ.19.HH-U4-J

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