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CCI component 2 codes - what was done
Procedure: Dilation
CCI 2 code: 50
CCI Collection Mode: CCI collect each

This procedure is a part of CCI Collection. This is one of the CCI component 2 codes - what was done.

Additional Info

  • This is a type of "what was done" to the body part in question --- it applies to Therapeutic Procedures only.
  • Includes all sorts of mechanical dilation of body parts
    • Those body parts may be nonvascular (e.g. trachea, esophagus) or vascular (e.g. coronary artery, femoral artery, jugular vein)
  • Includes however the dilation is performed
    • Thus includes dilation by balloon angioplasty, bougie, stenting, atherectomy.
      • Ex. Ureteric stent insertion
      • Ex. Includes cerebral angioplasty for cerebral vasospasm
  • There are separate codes for

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