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Active?: legacy
Program: CC and Med
Requestor: Myrna Dyck
Collection start: 2017-10-01
Collection end: 2018-07-25

Legacy Content

This page contains Legacy Content.
  • Explanation: 2017/8 flu season ended; we collect this differently than the requestor so future collection makes no sense.STOPPED for 18/19 season.
  • Successor: Influenza in ICD10

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See also: Influenza treated


  • Start Date: 2017 Oct (only Final Cadham lab +ve test).
    • Change date: 2017 Dec 21 (positive tests that were TX'd or not with antiviral meds or negative tests that were TX with antiviral med)
  • Stop Date: 2018 July 25
    • Stop sending to Myrna Dyck & Trish: May 4, 2018. This is the end of the peak flu season for 2017-18.
  • Prior to Oct 2017: There were six (6) audited Influenza cases found with positive culture were also entered in the Tmp Project Influenza.

Hemophilus influenzae[1] or Parainfluenza virus is not considered as Influenza.

Data Collection Instructions

For any patient who has Tracheobronchitis or Pneumonia or any infection with Influenza virus enter the following in tmp:

  • Project: Influenza
  • Item:
    • if Influenza CONFIRMED (FINAL Cadham confirmed), enter: POSITIVE culture
      • Date: date of first positive culture taken
      • Time: time of first positive culture taken
    • if Influenza SUSPECTED, enter: SUSPECTED
      • Date: when culture was taken
      • Time: when culture was taken
    • if Cadham lab test is NEGATIVE (subsequently final Cadham lab reports found to be negative), enter: NEGATIVE


emailing Myrna/trish

  • when positive with treatment
  • when positive without treatment
  • when suspected & treated
  • when negative but was treated

When NOT necessary to email Myrna/Trish

confirmed to have a negative result from FINAL Cadham Lab and ALSO was NOT treated with full course of treatment with antiviral drug. (even if originally thought to be suspect and specimens were sent)

Do not delete from TMP

Do not delete from CCMDB Tmp project, any of your suspected cases that have been confirmed to be negative from Cadham Lab, treated or not treated.

How long do we give Cadham to come back with results?

Give Cadham Lab 2 WEEKS from the time the culture was sent to come back with final results. If no results then, enter as suspect and send email to Myrna and Trish.

  • I was just speaking with the nurse from infection control here at the HSC. I was asking why some patient's results are coming up on EPR, while some are only found on e-chart. She told me that at HSC, our in house lab will run the test, and then send the sample off to Cadham lab for further testing. The DSM result is the result that shows up on EPR. The Cadham result will show up on E-chart (also will send a paper copy to add to the patient's chart). Interestingly, one result may turn up positive, while the other reads negative (in this case,the positive result is taken). Just thought I would share, as it helped clear up some confusion for me, and I now know to check both sources when possible.Mlagadi 11:31, 2018 January 11 (CST)

Don't use TMP as notes

Please do not enter this TMP until you have actually confirmed positive influenza culture. Use the Notes field on you laptop as a reminder if needed.

Definition is known to be different from ICD10/WHO/CDC etc

The definition of collection for this tmp study is known to be different from definitions used elsewhere. Please use this definition for this tmp study. If the definition is not clear, as usual please ask for confirmation.

What if test was done at previous site?

When the swab was sent at another site and that result is not on the chart or in the EPR, code as suspect and email Myrna and Trish

Purpose and reporting

The Infection Prevention & Control releases summary report of influenza statistics every Influenza season and the Critical Care Directors would like to make sure that the reported statistics at ICU are consistent with the Critical Care & Medicine Database. The two programs agreed to collaborate by communicating the incidence of influenza as it occurs.

Data Integrity Checks (SMW)

Query s tmp apostrophe in commentCCMDB.accdbimplemented

checklist / to do

  • confirm documentation details above
  • add to s_tmp
  • inter-link with relevant articles

Gov of MB Public Health Surveillance

General info only, nothing to do with this tmp study.

Government MB-Public Health influenza surveillance web page

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