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Active?: legacy
Program: CC and Med
Requestor: Critical Care QI Team
Collection start: 2017-12-21
Collection end: 2018-07-25

Legacy Content

This page contains Legacy Content.
  • Explanation: Peak flu season 2017/8 ended, and we collect this different than the requestor. STOPPED for 2018/19 flu season.
  • Successor: Influenza in ICD10

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See also: Influenza tracking


  • Start Date: 2017 Dec 21
  • Stop Date: 2018 Jul 25
    • 2018 May 04: STOP emailing Myrna and Trish. This is the end of the peak flu season for 2017-18.

Collection process

There is some confusion right now which definition of influenza we will follow. We are in the middle of flu season and people are off for holidays so we can't make final decisions therefore, we will (for now) start second project and use the Influenza in ICD10 definition.

Data Collection Instructions

For any patient who either:

  • receives a full course of treatment of tamiflu/oseltamivir or any other anti-influenza agent
  • starts a course of Tamiflu but is discharged, dies or is transferred to an area we don't collect on before the full course is finished

Enter the following in tmp:

  • Project: Influenza treated
  • Item: Influenza treated
  • Date: date of treatment start
    • if started before admission and the data is not known, use admission date
  • Time, checkbox and comment fields are not used

Don't use TMP as notes

Please do not enter this TMP until you have actually influenza treated. Use the Notes field on you laptop as a reminder if needed.

Definition is known to be different from ICD10/WHO/CDC/WRHA etc

The definition of collection for this tmp study is known to be different from definitions used elsewhere. Please use this definition for this tmp project. If the definition is not clear, as usual please ask for confirmation.

See: Purpose this tmp project and reporting

This tmp study is unrelated to whether pt was tested

This tmp is only intended to track that they were treated. We also had collected separately (Influenza tracking) which tracked whether a patient was tested for influenza and what the result was.

Transferred patients

  • If the patient is transferred to an area where we don't collect data, then consider this a lost to follow up and patient is considered to be treated. Please in record in the notes section how many days of of tamiflu/oseltamivir or any other anti-influenza agent they recieved.
  • If the patient is transferred to an area where we are collecting data then please attempt to follow up to see if the patient was continued on 5 days or more on an of tamiflu/oseltamivir or any other anti-influenza agent.If less than 5 days they are not considered influenza treated.

potential solution to full treatment/partial treatment collection


  • One suggestion: If they don't have a full course of antivirals maybe we should be counting the days in our pharm_flow so that we don't use the influenza treated code in the temp studies for those that don't get a full treatment?The way it is set up now you can't tell if they got a full course of antivirals or not. For now we should use the notes section to keep track of number of days on antiviral treatment. GHall 09:36, 2018 January 5 (CST)
    • Could use the tmp field to count the days, too, that way it is available for medicine as well, and the data is all in one place. emailed Julie/Trish for comment. Ttenbergen 18:20, 2018 January 24 (CST)
    • Reply from Allan: Recording the # of days we know the pt got antiviral treatment sounds like the best possibility here.
      • So, would we collect this count in the integer field of this study record? If so, does that mean we would enter the code even if the treatment was only partial? Ttenbergen 11:57, 2018 March 20 (CDT)
        • not implemented.

Data Integrity Checks (SMW)

Query s tmp apostrophe in commentCCMDB.accdbimplemented

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