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Some records have known errors or data that triggers false positives in consistency checks. L Problem is a record of these so they can be excluded from queries. The table would usually be populated by the data collector during vetting.

Instructions for adding a record

If a false positive or known uncorrected error is found:

  1. open table L Problem from Centralized data front end.accdb
  2. make a new line
    • D_ID field: the D_ID of the record
    • Query field: the name of the query that detected this record and from which it should be masked
    • Notes field: explanations, eg why the error was not corrected or why it is a false positive

Instructions for using the table in queries

For every query, filter the L Problem table to only records related to that query and only list if null.

List of queries that use L_Problem table (SMW)

(Based on Property:DICLProblem as set in Template:Data Integrity Check.)

Query TISS Errors BIPAP vs BIPAP2300retired
Query check CCI TISS spont breath no tubedeclined
Query TISS Errors CVC vs CVC2300retired
Query NDC TISS CCI endoscopicretired
Query NDC Pacemaker acquired vs TISSretired
Query TISS Errors vent vs vent2300retired
Query NDC Dialysis TISS CCIdeclined
Query TISS Errors TISS date out of admissionretired
Query NDC VAP unacceptable dateretired
Query NDC dx implying death across encountersimplemented

Other known errors

We store information about some other known errors in the L_Problem table:

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