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This property is of Text.

The allowed values are

  • needs review
  • ready to implement
  • implemented
  • not feasible
  • declined
  • retired
  • not entered

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CXR count cross check +ready to implement  +
Can't check ICD10 ARF vs APACHE ARF +not feasible  +
Check APACHE physiological variable high low +implemented  +
Check Accept Loc Park +implemented  +
Check AcceptDtTm entered or missing checked +implemented  +
Check BRR/XBR vs cardiac arrest dx +retired  +
Check CCI vs previous location +implemented  +
Check CRF vs ARF across multiple encounters +needs review  +
Check Function Panelling admit transfer same +retired  +
Check Function Validate PostalCode +implemented  +
Check ICD10 some cant be primary +needs review  +
Check Inf Antibiotic resistance must have pathogen or Infection with implied pathogen +implemented  +
Check Inf Infection requiring pathogen must have pathogen combined code +implemented  +
Check Inf Infection with implied pathogen must not have a pathogen combined code +implemented  +
Check Inf Pathogens must have Infection requiring pathogen or Potential Infection +implemented  +
Check Inf Potential Infection must have pathogen or alt combined code +needs review  +
Check Sub PharmCheck +implemented  +
Check TISS Intubation consistent +ready to implement  +
Check VAP acquired only first encounter +ready to implement  +
Check drugs vs TISS +ready to implement  +
Check duplicate patient +implemented  +
Check dx implying death across encounters +needs review  +
Check dx implying death must be dispo deceased +needs review  +
Check eliminated dx +implemented  +
Check function Validate First name +implemented  +