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Data Integrity Checks
Summary: Any patient who is admitted to ICU from Med or another ICU with a #Cardiac Arrest dx should have one in their immediately preceeding Med or ICU record also.
Related: Admit Diagnosis, Acquired Diagnosis / Complication, Previous Location field, Cardiac arrest, Dispo field
Firmness: hard check
Timing: complete
App: Centralized data front end.accdb
Coding: NDC_cardiac_arrest_across_encounters
Uses L Problem table: yes
Status: needs review
Implementation Date: not entered
Backlogged: No
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JALT Review after 2023-09-15
  • Lisa flagged that, if we do this for Cardiac Arrest, we should really do it for other dxs as well. And if we did that, it could result in a lot of work since it would need to be mediated by Pagasa for now. So we decided to see where the SF implementation goes and review the definition of this check once we have a centralized tool where the data collector would not need to mediate this. Ttenbergen 15:43, 2023 July 13 (CDT)
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For any patient who

the most recently previous admission record should


Previous Location in ("GH-CC", "GH-Med", "HSC_IICU", "HSC_Med", "HSC_MICU", "HSC_SICU", "STB_ACCU", "STB_CICU", "STB_Med", "STB_MICU")

These would not be hard coded but instead be defined as the lines in s_dispo table that are active and have previous_location = true and have [real_collection] > ""


2023-07-12 - started conversation

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