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The LTV field designates critical care patients on a long term ventilator (LTV).

Collection Instruction

In Critical Care only, add LTV to the Filter field under the "Dispo" tab in the patient viewer in CCMDB.accdb if either of the following:

  • currently home ventilated patient: patient is already on home/institution ventilation either on an LP 3-10 (type of portable home ventilator).
  • home ventilation start: a decision has been confirmed to start patient on home ventilation during the "current" admission/
    • consult not sufficient: a consult to home ventilation service is not sufficient because some patients are turned down by the LTV Service or successfully weaned off of the ventilator.

Related dx codes

The ICD10 code for this is Chronic dependence on mechanical ventilator. Examples: C spine injury; severe COPD.

Data info

It's stored in a field called R_Filter. We considered changing that, but the field is legacy so no use in spending time on this.

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