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The L_ICD10 subform in the ICD10 tab of the Patient Viewer is used for ICD10 collection.

Form Elements



Colour changes to group types and priorities better

There is a background colour that ties the types together on the left, and the priorities on the right. Priorities use different colours than the types.

Comorbids in another tab?

Team meeting staff raised concerned about too many rows to scroll down through when comorbid are together with Admits and acquired.

  • One suggestion to put in separate tab? Tina to investigate further with staff and perhaps see if there are any options.
    • If they go on a different tab you have two places to look. How do people feel about them on the same page now that the background colour is different? Ttenbergen 22:22, 2018 November 24 (CST)

ICD10/CCI priority number column move

  • staff requested ICD10/CCI DX priority number column to be moved closer left instead of being on the far right of row. Staff can advise where exactly that column would best be.Trish Ostryzniuk 19:59, 2018 September 21 (CDT)
    • I moved that to the right, and toned the colouring in it way down; not sure if it's needed at all. What it does for now is make odd and even priorities a different colour, which means that USUALLY it will colour dxs with same priority the same colour, and different from their neighbour; however, that doesn't work when e.g. there is a P1 and P3 but no P2, or when there is a P1 admit and a P1 acquired right next to each other. I am open to other suggestions to help with this. Some people were saying no colour is needed at all for this... Ttenbergen 22:03, 2018 November 26 (CST)

Data storage

Data in this subform is stored in L_ICD10 table. Dropdowns depend on s_ICD10 table.

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