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Data Integrity Checks
Summary: Used in Correcting suspect links to find records where an earlier record for a patient with that PHIN has a Dispo DtTm that is later than the next record's Admit DtTm.
Related: PHIN, Admit DtTm, Dispo DtTm field
Firmness: hard check
Timing: always
App: Centralized data front end.accdb
Coding: link_suspect_negative_transit_time query
Uses L Problem table: no
Status: implemented
Implementation Date: not entered
Backlogged: No
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Generally follow steps in Processing errors in patient data to fix errors found.

Specific error fixing info for this query

  • You have to click the hand shake to see the admission the patient
  • Most of the error on this query the discharged date of the first admission is after the second admission, if the case is this scenario, I just change the discharged date without looking the EPR
  • Sometimes this query triggers as a side effect for errors that are actually link_suspect_mismatch_pre_inpt_should_be_ours_incomplete query, ie error continuous admission the second admission was admitted to ER

Still shows records after errors are fixed

If after correcting the errors in this query it still shows entries, re-do Populate linking pairs and it will update the linking error.

  • We had asked Pagasa if she still finds errors after the increase to 30 min. Flagging for review at the next meeting. Ttenbergen 15:33, 2022 September 22 (CDT)
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  • 2022-07-13 - updated to only show if diff is > 30min
  • 2022-04-05 - updated to use Admit DtTm
  • 2021-10-07 - changed overlap threshold to 1s because we were getting false positives since arrive dttm and dispo dttm come in at different precision/resolution from Cognos
  • 08:58, 2019 January 30 (CST): fixed problem with field name in query

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