Centralized data front end.accdb Change Log 2021

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see the Development Documentation Category for other development logs This article is the change log for Centralized data front end.accdb. Also see Centralized data front end.accdb Change Request and CFE Data Integrity Checks.



not rolled out yet Ttenbergen 12:40, 2021 August 25 (CDT)


copied to server Ttenbergen 11:54, 2021 August 26 (CDT)


copied to server Ttenbergen 12:40, 2021 August 25 (CDT)

  • fixed created_AdmitDtTm query to explicitly turn the date into date data type; somehow the query turned it into something else that was being sorted differently on Pagasa's computer than on Tina's. Ttenbergen 14:06, 2021 August 24 (CDT)
  • created crosstab queries to replace pivot tables since 2019 doesnt' support them any more:


copied to server Ttenbergen 11:20, 2021 August 24 (CDT)


copied to server Ttenbergen 14:46, 2021 August 5 (CDT)


copied to server Ttenbergen 22:31, 2021 August 3 (CDT)

  • tweak to query encounter_clean_3_del_pers_where_no_L_Person which is part of Person ID field generate person ids; it was failing, but because of how we run these queries that was not visible.
  • updated algorithm behind Populate linking pairs which was impracticably slow under Access 2019


copied to server Ttenbergen 17:00, 2021 July 20 (CDT)

  • made a crosstab query P_Outstandings_Dispo to replace Query P_Outstandings_Dispo to test as replacement for Pivot Tables, since those no longer work in Access 2019 Ttenbergen 16:55, 2021 July 20 (CDT)


copied to server Ttenbergen 17:25, 2021 July 15 (CDT)


copied to server Ttenbergen 15:20, 2021 June 3 (CDT)


copied to server Ttenbergen 14:39, 2021 February 11 (CST)


copied to server Ttenbergen 14:30, 2021 February 4 (CST)


Copied to server


Pagasa has copied to server

  • updated P_Count_of_sent query to be laptop based and to more closely show Pagasa what she actually needs.
  • removed defunct queries
    • Query NDC CLI AcqDX but NoCLI DateinTMPV2
    • Query NDC CLI No AcqDX but CLI DateinTMPV2

Earlier changes

See Centralized data front end.accdb Change Log 2020

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