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This article functions as a portal for the people at MCHP who import data into their repositories from our Manitoba Centre for Health Policy export. We provide them a copy of the MCHP Export.accdb that has been processed as per Instructions for exporting data using MCHP Export.accdb.


Structure is same as CCMDB Data Structure except for the following.

Splitting dual use L_Dxs

For legacy reasons we store different kinds of data in L_Dxs table. For ease of use by MCHP we split the data into the following two tables and won't send the actual L_Dxs table.

Splitting Multi-use L_TmpV2

Our L_TmpV2 table contains data from a number of temporary Projects . We will only send a subset of this data, defined by which data has the MCHP field in the s_tmp table set to "true" . The filtered data will be in

L_TmpV2 table itself will not be sent.

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