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L_Dxs table is the table where patients' diagnoses are stored. It is linked to L_Log table by D_ID.


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Contents of L_Dxs table

L_Dxs table is populated with diagnoses from the s_AllDiagnoses table. The diagnoses are structured in a system of main- and sub-diagnoses.

L_DXs contains a field "priority" which is used for determining the Primary Admit Diagnosis.

Due to limitations to our technology at implementation time, we also store the data for Patient Task Tracking among our diagnoses because the data structure was set up to accept them.

To see the most up-to-date data structure of this table, see the master files.

L_Dxs table in the CCMDB.accdb Access program contains the fields

Dx_ID unique id for relationships and indexes
Pat_ID unique patient identifier
Adm_Acqu -
DiagnosisCode as chosen from s_AllDiagnoses main- and sub diagnoses get pulled for display from s_Alldiagnoses
Pathogen to store data related to Universal Pathogen List
Priority used to establish Primary Admit Diagnosis (lowest priority Admit Diagnosis)