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This article explains how our tables interlink.


actual data

support tables

L_Log table

Some fields in L Log table draw from support tables as follows:

field field name position s_table
Province field R_Province 16 S Provinces table
Pre-admit Inpatient Institution field Pre_admit_Inpatient_Institution 36 S pre acute living situation table
Previous Location field Previous_Location 37 S dispo table
Previous Service field Previous_Service 38 S_previous_service table
Service/Location field Service_Location 40 S dispo table
Dispo field dispo 41 S dispo table
RecordStatus field RecordStatus 80 S RecordStatus
ADL Bathing ADL_Bathing 49 S ADLOptions table
ADL Dressing ADL_Dressing 50 S ADLOptions table
ADL Toiletting ADL_Toiletting 51 S ADLOptions table
ADL Transfering ADL_Transfering 52 S ADLOptions table
ADL Continence ADL_Continence 53 S ADLOptions table
ADL Feeding ADL_Feeding 54 S ADLOptions table
Admit Type for APACHE II Ap_AdmitType 55 S AP AdmitType
Chronic Health APACHE Ap_Chronic 56 S AP Chronic table
FiO2 Ap_FIO2 67 S FIO2 table
AP Eye field AP_Eye 63 S GCS
AP Motor field AP_Motor 63 S GCS
AP Verbal field AP_Verbal 63 S GCS

L_CCI_Picklist table

L_CCI_Picklist table links to s_CCI_Picklist table as


L_CCI_Component table

L_CCI_Component table links to s_CCI_1 table as

  • L_CCI_Component.CCI_1_Code= s_CCI_1.CCI_1_Code

L_CCI_Component table links to s_CCI_2 table as

  • L_CCI_Component.CCI_2_Code= s_CCI_2.CCI_2_Code

L_Como table

L_Como table links to s_AllDiagnoses table as

  • L_Como.ComorbidCode = S AllDiagnoses.DiagnosisCode

L_Dxs table

L_Como table links to s_AllDiagnoses table as

  • L_Dxs table.DiagnosisCode = S_AllDiagnoses.DiagnosisCode

L_ICD10 table

L_ICD10 table links to s_ICD10 table as

  • L_ICC10.ICD10_code = S_ICD10.ICD10_code

L_TmpV2 table

The L_TmpV2 table links on both of the following two fields together with the S Tmp table:

  • L_TmpV2.project = s_Tmp.Study
  • L_TmpV2.Item = S_tmp.Value

Legacy Data

Created/Derived Data