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L_TmpV2 table in CCMDB.accdb and Centralized_data.mdb contains data that is either intermittent or just not currently accommodated in the rest of the database. Collection projects that generate data for this table are categorized in Project / L TmpV2 Data.

The table has fields to accommodate dates, integers, reals/floating point variables, text or booleans. It can accommodate one of each of these per line, such that if two variables of the same data type are needed, two lines need to be entered. The table was set up this way to accommodate any possible combination of data, but this flexibility comes at the expense of some inefficiencies in data-entry.

It is linked to L_Log table by D_ID.

Data Structure

To see the most up-to-date data structure of this table, see most up-to-date ccmdb_data.mdb in Regional Server\data\Master CCMDB.accdb.

Field Name position type description
Serial 1 Number unique identifier of patient
Site 2 dropdown-limited text Hospital where the patient was admitted
Location 3 dropdown-limited text Ward the patient was admitted to
collected 4 Date/Time date the variable was collected
Project 5 dropdown-limited text  
Item 6 Text Project-Item identifier
DtTm_var 7 Date/Time date/time variable collected, if needed
int_var 8 number integer variable, if collected
float_var 9 number float/real variable, if collected
bool_var 10 Yes/No boolean variable, if collected
comment_var 11 Text comment variable, if collected
Instruction 12 dropdown-limited text Instruction as given in the dropdown S_Tmp
data_sent 13 Date/Time Date/Time the patient was sent