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L_TmpV2 table in CCMDB.accdb and Centralized_data.mdb contains data that is either intermittent or just not currently accommodated in the rest of the database. All data that is stored in this table can be found at Projects.

Entity–attribute–value model

See Entity–attribute–value model of the L Tmp V2 table


This table is linked to L_Log table by D_ID. See CCMDB Data Structure for more info.

Data Structure

To see the most up-to-date data structure of this table, see most up-to-date CCMDB data.mdb in Regional Server\data\Master. The fields are used differently depending on project, see Projects for a list and the individual project pages for field usage.

Field Name position type description
Tmp_ID 1 AutoNumber (Long integer) unique identifier of tmp entry
Pat_ID/D_ID 2
Project 3 text () Ward the patient was admitted to
Item 4 text () date the variable was collected
obsdate 5 Date/Time automatically entered date of collection
obstime 6 Date/Time automatically entered time of collection
date_var 7 Date/Time date, if collected
time_var 8 Date/Time time, if collected
int_var 9 number (long integer) integer variable, if collected
float_var 9 number (double) float/real variable, if collected
bool_var 10 Yes/No boolean variable, if collected
comment_var 11 Text comment variable, if collected

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