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Active?: active
Program: CC
Requestor: Dr. R. Manji, Dr. A. Menkis
Collection start: 2013-01-28
Collection end:

We are collecting blood type and cardiac function on STB CICU patients for analysis of outcomes, research, quality assurance.

Collection Instructions

  • Project A_T blood type
  • Blood type would be collected for all patients in CICU (no matter what type of procedure they had) .... if there is a blood type in chart (which there would be), need to collect it.
    • A
    • B
    • AB
    • O
    • z not available (starts with z to sort to end)
  • Project A_T LV fraction (LV ejection fraction from intra-op TEE (Transesophageal echocardiogram), before Cardiopulmonary bypass):
    • <20%
    • 20-29%
    • 30-49%
    • 50% or greater
    • z not available (starts with z to sort to end)
  • Project A_T function (Right ventricular function from intra-op TEE before cardiopulmonary bypass:)
    • If the documentation says mild-moderate or moderate to severe, then coding would be towards the worse value-eg. Mild-moderate would be recorded as moderate and moderate-severe would be recorded as severe.
    • Values are:
      • Normal
      • Mildy depressed
      • Moderately depressed
      • Severely depressed
      • z not available (starts with z to sort to end)

Source used to obtain ventricular function

  • In this file I enter blood type and pre-CBP (pre coronary bypass) RV and LV function. You will find the TEE report in the operation section of the patient chart, usually at the back.
  • Collector now has access to TEE reports from Xcelera

Location of computer

  • side desk at STB in CICU.

Instructions to access the Xcelera computer.

  • password can be found in the front of STB_CICU data collection binder or ask the other collectors in the office.
  • locate small black box on desk on right side of computer at STB in CICU.
  • 2 settings:
    • one for Xcelera
    • one for the xrays.
  • Make sure the light by the Xcelera mode is on.
    • This can be changed by pushing the button on the right side of the box.
  • Log on to the computer and click on the Xcelera icon.
    • The Tee reports will come up.
  • Scroll to the one you want and click twice to bring it up.
  • If there is no TEE done pre-CPB (cardiopulmonary bypass), then can you use a pre-op standard Echo-cardiogram for this?--LKolesar 13:19, 2015 September 16 (CDT)
    • Could you ask the cardiologists who wanted this data this question? Ttenbergen 22:28, 2019 March 9 (CST)
  • SMW

  • Cargo

  • Categories

Collection parameters

  • Collected only at STB CICU
  • Start Date: 2013-01-28
  • End Date: planned as continuous collection without an end date

Data Use

Information will be provided by our statistician to physicians for further analysis.

  • Dr. R. Manji
  • Dr. A. Menkis

Data Integrity Checks (SMW)

Query s tmp ABO TEE checksCCMDB.mdbimplemented
Query s tmp apostrophe in commentCCMDB.mdbimplemented

SAS Program

The SAS program to read the data can be found in X:\Julie\SAS_CFE\CFE_macros\