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Location STB CICU
First Admission 15 January 2007
Program Critical Care
Hospital STB
Nr of Beds 14
Main Collector p:Stephanie Cortilet
Service Type ICU
Service Type Legacy: No
Location with workload split: No

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see STB_CICU Collection Guide for collection instructions specific to this ward

STB CICU is the location code for the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at St. Boniface General Hospital.

Location profile

This is an intensive care unit which specializes in cardiac surgery. Non surgical cases that are also admitted would include AV ECMO and VAD patients that have not had cardiac surgery. Mainly post op CABG and cardiac valve surgeries as well as ascending thoracic aortic aneurysm repairs.

Unit name/s

The unit is also referred to as CICU (Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit). The unit is also called ICCS (Official name at STB) and CR5 (its location).

STB_CICU overflow into STB_MICU

Go to: STB_CICU overflow in STB_MICU


  • Unit local: 204-932-0547.
    • FAX: ???
  • Unit Manager: Crystal Gurney
    • Phone: 204-258-1298
  • Unit Clerk name:various

Legacy info

  • Start time of this unit is the same time that the two ICU at STB, SICU & MICU, were combined into one unit.


  • sbgh-surgeries-relocated-following-hvac-malfunction
  • 2014-January-22: Fourteen operating rooms at St. Boniface Hospital shut down earlier this month due to flooding caused by a malfunction with water pumps and air handling systems which allowed cold air to come into contact with and crack hot water coils which heat the rooms.
  • Emergency heart surgeries were diverted to HSC and Grace.
  • Urgent cases are shifted to other hospitals. Victoria, Concordia, and Seven Oaks Hospitals have all received patients from St. Boniface since the shutdown.
  • Officials at the time stated a total of 348 patients had voluntary or elective surgeries cancelled and were being resheduled.
  • Between 2014-Jan-28 & 2014-Feb-4 - heart surgery was done at HSC and patient admitted to SICU then back to CICU when it opened hence the increase number of interfacility transfers between HSC SICU to STB CICU.