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Active?: legacy
Program: CC
Collection start: 1989
Collection end: 2004

This page contains sparse legacy information we brought in from the old R_Filter Field when it was decommissioned.

  • CCN/CC (co managed CCU patients intubated/non ventilated) – 633 records from 1989-2004 at STB/HSC MICU. Based on the D_ID, the physical location-service involves, CCU, MICU, SICU.
  • The concept is related to the later project ICUotherService with a twist (i.e. with intub/non ventilated procedures).
  • In our old documentation booklet it said "This codes applies to coronary care patients who are deemed too sick for the Coronary Care Unit and are managed or co-managed in the Medical ICU because they required either ventilation, inotropes, central lines or IABP. "
  • If this is the definition, I wonder when filtered from L_LOG, the D_ID label have CCU, SICU in addition to HSC MICU or STB MICU (showed HSC_CCU--*, HSC_MICU--*, HSC_SICU--*,STB_CCU-*, STB_MICU-*, VIC_MICU-*) . Not sure if VIC_MICU is an entry error but this has acquired dx Debridement-cardiovascular entry, maybe correct. Also maybe the physical location does not matter? --JMojica 14:53, 2022 August 29 (CDT)

Field use

  • Project: Project Legacy Co-managed
  • Item: CC or CCN
  • Not used: start_dt and start_tm, integer, float, checkbox, comment

Data Transition

INSERT INTO L_TmpV2 ( D_ID, Project, Item, D_Tmp_ID )
SELECT L_Log.D_ID, "Legacy Co-managed" AS Project, L_Log.R_Filter AS Item, [D_ID] & "-LCM_import" AS D_Tmp_ID
WHERE (((L_Log.R_Filter) In ("CCN","CC")));

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