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Active?: active
Program: CC
Requestor: ACCU's directors/manager
Collection start: 2018-04-05
Collection end:

Data Collection Instructions

This is a project that tracks (tags) any ICU patients' that technically would have been under the care of one ICU but ended up under the care of another. This is a case of both borrowed bed and service.

Use tmp fields:

  • Project: ICUotherService
  • Item:
    • for STB
      • ACCU under MICU service
      • ACCU under CICU service
      • MICU under CICU service
      • MICU under ACCU service
  • dt: not needed
    • for STB patient borrowing the service in partial stay, enter the start dt
  • tm: not needed
    • for STB patient borrowing the service in partial stay, enter the start tm
  • Dispo Tab

Transfer to Another ICU Service

  • If patient is accepted to the STB service of the physical unit that the patient is located on (e.g. An MICU patient under CICU service and now has been accepted to the CICU Service), do not create a new profile but continue on the same profile and do the following in the tmp fields:
    • Item for STB:
      • MICU under MICU service
      • CICU under CICU service
      • ACCU under ACCU service
    • dt: start date
    • tm: start time


The entry is rarely used these days, so we discussed if we should continue collecting it at all. Task discussion led to decision to keep collecting this.

Start/End Dates

  • Start: April 5, 2018
  • End: there is no planned end date - until we hear from collector and STB that this has changed.



  • inactivated HSC options that had not been used since we decided to split HSC CC records by service rather than by program only:
    • SICU under MICU
    • MICU under SICU


  • added option "MICU under ACCU service" for STB, since that scenario has now occurred

2020-03 Change in project scope

Until 2020-03 this type of ICU overflow did not happen at HSC, so this project was only for STB. With COVID-19 we have started to see this in HSC, so the project was extended there.

Because STB ACCU exceeds it's bed capacity patients physically overflow into the STB CICU or STB MICU. Starting Apr 2 2018 these pts are no longer under ACCU Cardiology Service.

Initially, ACCU's directors/manager wanted to track this information as they are working towards obtaining funding for increase beds.

See also STB Cardiac Care patients

Data Integrity Checks (automatic list)

none found

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