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This page explains how one would re-send previously sent data. There are extra steps if this is done by the Data processor.


Prepare Centralized data.mdb - done by data processor

hiding these steps so they don't confuse collectors who don't need to do these steps   

Set records to incomplete

  1. in Centralized data.mdb, on Regional Server\output (full address: \\\WRHA\REGION\SHARED\ICU_DATA_COLLECTION\output), set the RecordStatus field to "Incomplete" for the records you will re-send

Additional step if Data processor is sending

Copy the backup data to the PC:

  1. find a copy of collector's backup CCMDB data on the Regional server, and follow CCMDB data.mdb restore from Regional Server
  2. make sure you have the latest version of CCMDB.accdb
    • Go to Regional Server\Programs\Master (full address: \\\WRHA\REGION\SHARED\ICU_DATA_COLLECTION\Programs\Master) and double-click on Copy to local.bat


This step may be done by the data collector, or it may be done by the data processor.

  1. Open CCMDB.accdb
  2. review patient list to ensure you have the version of the patients you want to resend (only applies when dealing with restored data)
  3. set the patient RecordStatus field to "complete" from "sent"
  4. Press the Send Records button
  5. press "OK" and type in your own First Name_RESEND, example: Suzie_Resend
  6. press "OK"

If you get a duplicate error you probably didn't follow #Prepare Centralized data.mdb.

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