Procedure when there are differences between L Log and L PHI

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"Pulling" Centralized data.mdb should result in consistent data sets being copied, but sometimes differences appear between L_PHI and L_Log. Usually this happens when something goes wrong during sending or during PHI copy automation or when a patient is deleted in one but not the other table.

You would usually find out about this when you try to reconnect tables in CFE and get an error.

To address the problem:

  • In CFE, look at the object listing on the left and open the following two queries to identify the record that is different.
    • 1_In_L_Phi_but_NOT_in_L_Log
    • 1_In_L_Log_but_NOT_in_L_PHI
  • if in L_Log but not in L_PHI:
    • check X:\CCMDB/PHI/PHI_CSV. You want to make sure there is no CSV file sitting in this folder that was not uploaded to PHI.mdb
    • this could mean a problem with PHI copy automation
  • If in L_PHI but not in L_Log
    • check X:\CCMDB/PH/PHI_CSV_Archive folder to check if the missing file was in the batch sent from the data collector.

  • if not sure review with main office or data collector.
  • If file was a test, or error, you can delete it from L_Log and/or L_PHI, whichever still has part of the record.

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