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Number of Ward readmission within 7 days per 100 discharges to hospital.

Indicator: Readmission Rate to Med ward
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Program: Medicine
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Reports: Directors Quarterly and Annual Report (Medicine), Mortality and readmission report

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Reported as

  • Percent of total discharges to hospital (Rate)
  • List of individual patients for chart review


Unplanned readmissions are associated with worse patient outcomes. Most factors associated with an increased risk of readmission are patient and admission-specific. System related risk factors include discharge at night and ward occupancy at the time of discharge. Readmission may reflect premature transfer out of hospital due to errors in clinical judgment or system constraints.

Sampling Plan / Procedure

Inclusion Criteria

100% of all patients discharged from medicine ward to home/PCH, outside Winnipeg/Manitoba/Canada hospitals/facilities.

Exclusion Criteria

Excluding patients who left against medical advice (AMA), palliative patients in the count of readmission.

Exclusions for readmissions are the following:

  • There is a planned admission like elective surgery
  • Left the ward or unit against medical advice (Dispo = AMA)
  • Palliative patients at admission
    • The coding for Palliative changed over time.
  • HSC IICU has no readmission


Definition and Derivation

For medicine, a readmission is a patient where

  • (current admit date/time) - (most recent discharge date/time to the hospital) is within 7 days after their most recent discharge date time to the hospital
  • is admitted from outside hospital


Num = Number of ward readmission within 7 days after being discharged out


Denom =Total Number of discharges who left the hospital (e.g. went home/nursing home, outside city, province or country)


Readmission Rate(%) = Num / Denom * 100


  • Time Reference: Discharge Dates from Jan 1, 2017 to March 31, 2017
  • Total readmission within 7 days after discharge to hospital= 5
  • Total discharges who left the hospital= 102
  • Readmission Rate(%) = 5 / 102 * 100= 4.9 %

Data Sources

The following fields: Admit DtTm, Dispo DtTm field, Dispo field, the Project Comfort Care from L_TmpV2 table and diagnosis code Palliative Service from L_DXs table, ICD10 code Z51.5 Palliative care from L_ICD10 table are used. Julie has confirmed this setup 2022 April 21.

SAS Program


Report Users

  • Medicine Directors and Site Managers
  • Medicine Standards Committee - Dr. Elizabeth Salamon