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if you are looking for the field used to designate a patient's completeness, see RecordStatus field

The Record field is field in CCMDB.accdb is used by collectors to manually "tag" files for various reasons.

The Record field can be edited by opening a profile and changing the entry, or if requesting MR records use the MR Organizer form

Unlike the RecordStatus field, the Record field is not centrally controlled, and collectors are free to use this as they like.

Sent - the only universally used entry

When patients are sent CCMDB.accdb automatically sets the record field to "sent".

Some commonly used entries

  • MR - medical records follow up required (used by MR List and the MR Organizer form )
  • C - COMPLETE - ready to send in files
  • W - follow up needed to a ward
  • sent - staff are manually adding this for files they sent in.

Customizing record dropdown options

The values available for this field can be edited in Settings (CCMBD.mdb). Click on the "Settings" button on the Main Form (CCMDB.accdb) to access the settings and edit, add, remove the values in the "Record Dropdown Options".

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