Sputum C+S

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This field is acquired as part of the DSM data#DSM results we store. It used to be collected manually until 2017-03-17.


Legacy Content

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  • Explanation: This is a legacy data field, its DataElementEndDate is in the past.
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Data Element (edit)
Field Name: Sputum_CS
CCMDB Label: not stated
CCMDB tab: Lab
Table: L_Labs_Flowsheet table
Data type: integer
Length: integer
Program: CC
Created/Raw: Raw
Start Date: 1988-07-11
End Date: 2017-03-17
Sort Index: 21

Contains the number of any sputum specimens (including endotracheal secretions) sent for "culture and sensitivity" for bacteria or fungus.

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Legacy implementation right in the table

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BALs don't imply C+S

When a BAL (Bronchial Aspiration and Lavage) is done, and a specimen is sent for bacterial or fungal cultures, then include in count for C+S. Don't assume when BAL is done that a culture for C&S is sent. Check the EPR.

not included

Counts not included as sputum for C+S:

  • AFB - test done differently and in separate medium so not counted under C+S
  • Viral - totally different testing method, so not counted under C+S. - Dr. Kumar. - Trish Ostryzniuk 17:55, 2014 October 21 (CDT)
  • cytology
  • rejected specimens are not included in lab counts
  • pleural fluid