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Revised: October 19, 2020 - Further updates pending. Revised: April 18, 2016 Revised: May 5, 2003

Regional Critical Care/Medicine Database Steering Committee

1.1 - Membership:

Legacy members

  • p:Randy Martens (ICU Budget Admin Rep.)
  • p:Basil Evan (as per Jodi's request, (2017-09 - 2020-Oct_16)
  • p:Jodi Walker Tweed (Primary Critical Care Director Rep. (2012 - 2021-01-31)
  • Mary Ann Lynch (Medicine Director Rep)
  • Marie Bevan (Medicine Budget Admin Rep
  • Dale Gustafson, Managing Director, Internal Medicine Program (Budget Admin Rep for Med and ICU DB). (Until 2020_Dec_31)

Terms of Reference

1.2 - Budgets – The committee will review costs and expenses to determine whether the budget is sufficient and to make recommendations to the two programs.

1.3 - Review and approve all changes to the data collection elements

1.4 - Review and approve all changes to the database and programs

1.5 - Review and approve all significant change to data collection procedures

1.6 - Review and prioritize requests for additional data collection requests

1.7 - Discuss and deal with issues related to quality and completeness of data

1.8 - Review data analysis and make recommendations based on observations

1.9 - Review the number and types of requests from the database.

1.10- Manage and review Data Security

1.11- Develop and review the processes for accessing data

1.12 - Minutes will be circulated

Group Memberships

see also Task Team