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Note: For info about the CCMDB.accdb Access program, see CCMDB.accdb.

The Critical Care and Medicine Database is a data collection project for Critical Care Units and Internal Medicine Wards within the WRHA.

Purpose and Mission

Mission Statement Medicine and Critical Care Database April 7, 2008

The collection of medical data at the WRHA department of medicine and critical care sites for the purpose of administration, research and quality improvement purposes.

To that end the following services are provided:

  • Provide aggregate data for the purpose of monitoring capacity utilization, diagnostics, work load, and outcome trends.
  • Prepare standardized reports are to be available within one month of the reporting period and quarterly reports within 6 weeks of the quarter end.
  • Coordinate the collection of data and manage the raw data
  • Maintain the quality of the data to ensure the most accurate possible representation of a patient’s medical condition, outcomes and hospital stay.
  • Ensure patient data is available within two weeks of patient discharge 95% of the time.
  • To support administrators and researchers by filling basic data requests within two weeks of the request and within one month for requests that require data analysis.
  • To use the data collector resources to support special projects and other data collection requests related to patient care quality improvements in the Regional.


see also Category: Data Use

Data that we collect

The Auto Data Dictionary lists all fields collected by our program.

Additionally, the Main Page has a graphical representation of the general categories of things collected.

Locations where we collect

See Site and Location table for the current list of where we collect data, and when we started and stopped collecting at these sites.

Data Set Size

The Critical Care and Medicine Database has been collecting increasing amounts of data from critical care and medicine patients at Winnipeg hospitals since mid June, 1988.

See: Total admissions ICU/Med for more details.


Leading practice award 2012! See: Accreditation

Steering Committee

see Steering committee Terms of Reference

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