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Teleform is a character recognition program used by the Data Processor to scan completed TISS forms before importing the data into the TISS28_Data.mdb. We use a network scanner for this.


The Teleform suite consists of a number of separate programs or modules to support the designing and processing of data collection forms.

Version: 11x1_11117 as of 2016-06-02
Serial: 400796
License: TAH280-001H08-040001-H00WD7-D000RG-G77TZ6
Product License - {D73FC1DE-8D31-4DF7-B69B-80270B194BC4}

Not sure how those licenses are different, they came from an email from Florence Wong to Tina Tenbergen 2016-03-17.

File Locations

  • Export data (from Teleform): \\\WRHA\HSC\shared\MED\MED_CCMED\TISS28\ExportData
  • Scanned images: \\\WRHA\HSC\shared\MED\MED_CCMED\TISS28\ExportData\Images
  • no longer valid, our contract has expired - Service account login info: M:\Passwords_mainoffice\Passwords_MainOffice_use.xlsx

Sales and technical support

From: Digital Vision [1]
Sent: Wednesday, February 11, 2015 10:53
Pierce Ennessy
Digital Vision

US Toll Free: +1 844 526 7397


TeleForm has been completely transitioned to HP, Inc.
To learn more, including instructions for first time access, please refer to the User Guide.

Notes from Teleform install

changing path or similar in teleform

Teleform stores its config data in files all over the place. You can use TeleForm Maintenance and Utility to do a find-replace on them and update them, e.g. when eHealth changes file shares.

Copying settings from old to new PC

  • Export the current settings by opening TeleForm Maintenance and Utility.
    • Select Save snapshot
    • Select the categories you want to save
    • Click on the ... button to the right of Path and select the location to save the .zip file that contains the configuration files.
    • To restore the configuration, open TeleForm Maintenance and Utility on the new workstation and run Restore Snapshot.
      • Exporting the settings doesn't include the default.cfg file

The following file needs to be manually copied from old computer to new.

  • C:\ProgramData\Cardiff\TeleForm\Links\CapDir2\default.cfg

If the whole problem is about file shares having been changed, then TISS28.accdb has some module contents that need to be changed as well.

Settings to make sure the pdf files make it to \\\WRHA\HSC\shared\MED\MED_CCMED\

The location of the setting for where to store the output pdf is in Teleform Designer,

  • File, open the form named TISS28 prod 2012-12-11
  • menu form, autoexport setup
  • make sure the "C:\.." setting is set to yes, and the "\\\WRHA\HSC\shared\MED\MED_CCMED\..." one to no. this is counter intuitive! For some reason the settings to store the image in x: are stored in the file stored on c:... These settings are linked to the main form itself (TISS28 prod 2012-12-11) so they need to be setup via opening the form.
  • Most settings are located in TeleForm Designer via Utilities, Connect Agent Setup.
    • this include network pathnames

Before considering the switch done

  • confirm Pagasa can scan into TISS28.accdb, and without errors caused by update
  • confirm that the .pdf files are stored on \\\WRHA\HSC\shared\MED\MED_CCMED\ on the path that goes into the data imported into TISS.mdb


Data Processor PC

see Data Processor PC

Multifunction Printer/Scanner

see Scanning to network

Teleform Change Log


eHealth had made changes to network path names which affected scanning. p:Herman Aubel fixed Path name in settings which are located in TeleForm Designer via Utilities, Connect Agent Setup. Trish Ostryzniuk 11:56, 2019 July 15 (CDT)