Visits to temporary locations

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  • This refers to how to handle when a patient is sent to a temporary location
    • Temporary locations includes OR, procedure suites of all types, imaging suites/radiology, etc.
      • They do NOT include beds that are actually functioning in the nature of a ward or ICU bed -- i.e. Boarding Locations
  • There are 3 situations handled differently in these cases:
    1. The patient returns to the sending unit: Here everything (procedures and diagnoses) that happened in the temporary location is coded in the record of the sending site. So, do not discharge and readmit the patient, collect as a continuous stay.
    2. The patient does not return to the sending unit but survives it and goes elsewhere after the procedure: Here the Dispo for the sending site is the temporary location (or possibly "Other Procedure Location") (and the Dispo DtTm is when the patient actually left the sending unit in contrast to what EPR might say ) and things that happened in that temporary location are NOT included in the record of the sending site
    3. The patient dies in the temporary site. In this case the Dispo of the sending site is the death (and the Dispo DtTm is as usual for Deceased patients) and you should code the other diagnoses or procedures that occurred in the temporary site.

temporary locations between initial ER and first admission to one of our units


AMA is a different scenario, but very similar rules apply.

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