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Workstations.mdb is where we keep track of the PCs, laptops, monitors, mice, chairs, desktop risers, footstool, used by the Critical Care and Medicine Database. It is located in Regional Server\Maintenance\workstations.mdb

It has two tables of interest:

  • table purchaseds is manually maintained and contains information on when a laptop was bought, when it warranty ends, where it is
  • also contains who has extended desktop and works from home and what equipment in addition to laptop at home.
  • table workstations automatically extracts the computer names (host names) from the A_Info tables of all the backup data files.

Ask Manager or Tina for more details.

Adding / removing Laptop identifiers

When any get added, the query all_computer_names needs to be updated accordingly.

change log

for structure or programming, not each data update

  • 2021-07-05
  • 2020-02-24
    • removed OAK_MICU Laptop location entry from all_computer_names
    • cleaned up old connected tables that we no longer use
  • 2018-11-06
    • updated query all_computer_names to omit VIC and add STB_IMCU
  • 2015-04-30
    • confirmed that import script checks all directories in data directory except master and test_*, instead of explicit list Ttenbergen 09:56, 2015 April 30 (CDT)

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