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The laptop identifier is used to

The identifiers are stored in entry "Laptop_Identifier" in Settings (CCMBD.mdb) / A_Info table.

The naming convention is a letter for the site and a 1 digit number that has no inherent meaning other than to ID a laptop.

You can find the Laptop Identifier on a sticker on the laptop, or in the top right of the Main Form (CCMDB.accdb).

Laptop Identifier Assignment

Also see Site and Location table and the tables linked from there. We need to be careful so that info doesn't become inconsistent. Not building structure for it on the wiki since hopefully this will go away with PatientFollow Project.




  • S9 - STB_CC - being phased out
  • That is phased out now, right? Where is that laptop now? Did the Workstation.mdb get updated with the info? Ttenbergen 10:44, 2021 December 2 (CST)
  • SMW

  • Cargo

  • Categories

Setting the laptop identifier

Make sure you check Changing a Laptop identifier before you change this to make sure your change won't break anythign!

  • open CCMDB.accdb
  • click the Settings button
  • on the left side, in the "General Settings" panel, find the line that has the word Laptop_Identifier in the left "field_name" column
    • if no line starts with the word Laptop_Identifier
      • make a new line and copy-paste the word Laptop_Identifier into the left, field_name column
      • put your laptop identifier (see #Laptop Identifier Assignment) in the right, "field_data" column
  • click "OK" to exit out of the Settings window
  • add a RED DOT sticker (use left-overs from Overstay) to the top right corner of the laptop and put the laptop identifier on there for easy reference.


In CCMDB.accdb, the function Laptop_Identifier() will return this.


We are using:

  • single digits numbers for ease of filling TISS (it doesn't accept letters for that field)
  • descending numbers to make it less likely that someone accidentally enters old page number rather than laptop ID
  • single letters to minimize the increase in data

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