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Therapeutic Intervention Scoring System

 Legacy: see: TISS28.--Trish Ostryzniuk 19:37, 2012 October 10 (CDT)

This category contains basic information about collecting Therapeutic Intervention Scoring System (TISS) data.

Make sure black blobbing is done.

Who fills out the TISS

  • TISS is done retrospectively for the previous 24 hours of care in ICU.
  • In some centers it is done ongoing as care is given.--LKolesar 11:29, 21 May 2008 (CDT)
  • TISS is generally done by Night staff.
    • In some centers it is done on all shifts as an ongoing tool.--LKolesar 11:29, 21 May 2008 (CDT)
      • It was noted at a ICU Task Group meeting 2011-12-09 that nights staff entering the TISS is a problem because patients being admitted for only a period of time during the day can be missed that way. Something to consider if we ever standardize collection.
  • Day and Evening staff are also required to fill out a TISS if a patient is discharged or passes away on their shift. TISS done on Day or Evening shift reflects the workload from midnight to time of discharge or death.
  • If a patient is in the ICU a very short time, a TISS score is required to reflect nursing efforts during this time.
  • Do not sent TISS form to the ward with the chart. Please hand it in to the Unit Clerk who will file it in the Research Forms binder.
  • Once the first 5 days of TISS are completed, please do not staple together. Hand in the completed form to the Unit Clerk and start a new form. Scanning of forms is affected if stapled.
  • TISS is to be done for a patients entire length of stay in ICU.
  • If a patient is transferred to another ICU, do not sent the form to the other center.
  • If a patient is transferred to another ICU in your center and the Service looking after the patient changes, then a new TISS form is required. E.G., a patient who goes from MICU under Medical Service and is transferred to SICU under Surgical service.
  • See TISS76-2 hour rule for patients admitted after 2200 or discharged before 0200

TISS Quality Control Guide

  • Data collectors are required to do quality control for the first 10 days of TISS.
  • the data processor runs internal consistency checks on the TISS data and will flag patients whose TISS information is inconsistent with their collected information.
  • For a list of data consistency checks and rules, see the Category:TISS76 Legacy Checks.

Variation across centres

  • As LKolesar points out, there is variation in how the TISS is collected in different centers. Is this something we should look at? Ttenbergen 00:04, 27 May 2008 (CDT)

not collecting ECMO

At STB we occasionally have patients on ECMO which requires considerable nursing time and this is not reflected on the TISS. I spoke with Trish today and she advised me that we will not indicate anything on the TISS for ECMO. It is important to maintain the TISS in its' current form. ECMO patients can be audited individually if the workload of these patients needs to be examined in the future. --LKolesar 13:06, 18 December 2009 (CST)