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Important Quality Checks for TISS to overcome some of the TISS28 data and collection problems. Data collectors are responsible for these.

Consistency Checks involving ETT present, Intubated, Extubated planned or unplanned, Ventilated any time /2300 HR, Trach present, Central line, CPAP/BiPAP


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  • These need to be integrated into a cross check and then implemented or rejected or whatever.
  1. if ventilated any time (#18) then ETT (#22) or trach (#23) should be marked
  1. if extubated unplanned (#28) or planned (#29) is marked then ETT (#22) should be marked
  2. if ETT is inserted in ICU (#40) then ETT present (#22) should be marked
  3. if previous date has no ETT (#22) and today date has ETT(#22) then new insertion (#40) should be marked
  4. if previous date has ETT (#22) and today date has no ETT (#22) then previous date of the extubated unplanned (#28) or planned (#29) should have marked
  5. if previous date has ETT(#22) and today date has ETT(#22) and new insertion (#40) are marked then today date of extubated unplanned (#28) or planned (#29) should be marked
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TISS cross checks


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  • Need to decide which cross-checks we need for this. They can now all be in CCMDB.
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Query NDC CLI vs DX but no TISS17 CentralLineChecks for patients who have a Iatrogenic, infection, central venous catheter-related bloodstream infection (CVC-BSI, CLI) but no T17 - Central venous catheter (TISS Item).needs reviewCCMDB.accdb
Query NDC Dxs vs TISS DialysisIf there is a TISS28 entry for Hemodialysis there should be a corresponding Dx.needs reviewCCMDB.accdb
Query NDC Trach Dx TISSTracheostomy ICD10s and CCIs must be consistent with Trach TISS.needs reviewCCMDB.accdb
Query NDC cardioversion dx vs TISSIf pt has Acquired Procedure Cardioversion (EXCLUDE defibrillation-we are not tracking), then the TISS28 item T41 - Cardioversion (TISS Item) (T41) must be marked.needs reviewCCMDB.accdb
Query TISS Errors CAM positive vs DxChecks that each T9 - CAM positive (TISS Item) goes with an ICD10 code from Category:Deliriumneeds reviewCCMDB.accdb
Query TISS Errors ETT consistentChecks that ETTs are only removed if previously present and only added when not present.needs reviewCCMDB.accdb
Query TISS Errors NrTISSDays NE LOSLength of stay (LOS) for all ICU patients must be consistent with their number of TISS days, incl no TISS days at all (ie missing forms).needs reviewCCMDB.accdb
Query check CCI TISS Intubation vs IntubatedAny marked TISS Item in T28 - Planned extubation (TISS Item) or in T29 - Unplanned extubation (TISS Item) must have the T22 - ETT Present (TISS Item) on the same date. But also intubation...implementedCCMDB.accdb
Query check CCI TISS NrDays GT LOSThere are more TISS Item Px_Dates than there are days between the first Service tmp entry and Dispo DtTmimplementedCCMDB.accdb
Query check CCI TISS NrDays LT LOSThere are more TISS Item Px_Dates than there are days between the first Service tmp entry and Dispo DtTmimplementedCCMDB.accdb
Query check CCI TISS Pharm VasoactiveCompare Vasoactive drug IV continuous-single (TISS Item)/T14 - Vasoactive drug IV continuous-multiple simultaneous (TISS Item) against Pharmacy entries for vasoactive drugs.implementedCCMDB.accdb
Query check CCI TISS Vented without mechanismAny marked TISS Item T18 - Invasive Mechanical Ventilation (TISS Item) has to have (T22 - ETT Present (TISS Item) or T - Trach Tube Present (TISS Item)) for the same date.implementedCCMDB.accdb
Query check CCI TISS if no then noneIf No TISS Item (TISS Item) in CCI Picklist there must be no other entry from TISS Item List in CCI Picklist, and vice versaimplementedCCMDB.accdb
Query check ICD10 trach dxs consistentTracheostomy related CCI and ICD10 codes must be consistent with each other.needs reviewCCMDB.accdb

Legacy Content

This page contains Legacy Content.
  • Explanation: These are cross checks that were done on paper forms; could probably be deleted outright, no longer relevant.
  • Successor:

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Clear, dark markings

Staff must use dark pencil or black pen on the form and fill in bubble completely. Light pencil marks, colored ink, dot in a bubble or half filled bubbles do not scan well.

Top of every page

Collector must write: the serial, page number, unit, first date on form AND addressograph on front of EACH PAGE


Numbers in the date boxes must be consecutive

Always at least one circle marked

There should be at least one circle filled-up on each date.

  • at least one TISS item


  • NO TISS28 items applicable to TODAY line 1 on form

Correcting mistakes

If a mistake, cross out (X) the erroneous circle(s), shade the correct circle(s) and put an X on the square box at the end of the row where the correction was done.

If all entries in a row are correct, do not put any mark on the square box at the end of the row.

Keep the form number clean

The bottom right corner must be kept clean and unmarked (ie. no lines or characters overwriting the number). The number is by Teleform (the form scanning tool) to identify the form and if it is unreadable, the form will not import right.

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