Antibiotic Resistant Organism

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Under ICD10 antibiotic resistance will be combined coded with the pathogen or / Infection with implied pathogen.

The following antibiotic resistances are available:

Antibiotic resistance codes:

If the bug is resistant to antimicrobials, the infection/bug combination should be combined with a code for antibiotic resistance -- thus in this situation there may be 3 or more codes all combined together (the infection, the bug, the antibiotic resistance(s)).

CCDMB Data Integrity Checks (unknown status, see Template:CCMDB Data Integrity Checks for details)

See Infections in ICD10#CCDMB Data Integrity Checks

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Old dx coding schema

We collect data about ARO – Antibiotic Resistant Organisms as part of our general collection of information about Pathogens.

We also collect MRSA Colonization (without Infection) as a specific diagnosis.

We used to code VRE, ESBL and MRO Colonization