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see Log (disambiguation) for other uses of the term "Log" see the Development Documentation Category for other development logs

The CCMDB.mdb Change Log logs changes made to the CCMDB.mdb. New entries should be made at the top to be immediately apparent.

Enter requested CCMDB changes for the next version in that article.




not rolled out yet Ttenbergen 15:22, 2013 December 13 (CST)

no need to know:

  • ensured all objects are set to nothing after use, had forgot the step recently. Ttenbergen 15:22, 2013 December 13 (CST)
  • changed some code intended only for Office 2010 to use conditional compilation so it does not break in 2003 Ttenbergen 15:22, 2013 December 13 (CST)
  • s_ADLOptions table - added columns for scoring Ttenbergen 14:12, 2013 December 23 (CST)
  • s_GCS - table added that contains the dropdown options used in L_Log.AP_(eye, motor,verbal) to be used to convert point scores for centralized. Changed dropdowns to use this directly rather than hard-coded values in L_Log. Ttenbergen 11:34, 2013 December 30 (CST)


rolled out earlier today. Ttenbergen 13:54, 2013 December 13 (CST)

changes collectors need to know

  • one more fix to have input mask same as format, still was not that before Ttenbergen 14:55, 2013 November 28 (CST)
  • updated tmp, pharm, labs to use same date formatTtenbergen 14:44, 2013 November 28 (CST)
    • updated pharm and labs to use same font and size as rest Ttenbergen 14:44, 2013 November 28 (CST)
  • updated DOB field to call the upater for Apache age when changed Ttenbergen 14:50, 2013 November 28 (CST)
  • removed input mask for the date in L_Tmp Ttenbergen 12:42, 2013 December 13 (CST)

changes collectors don't need to know

  • made legacy code for paneling (and all legacy codes) invisible in the dropdown for dx_chooser. Ttenbergen 14:33, 2013 November 25 (CST)
  • added public subs closeNavPane() and MinimizeRibbons() to clean up interface for Access 2010. No collectors are using Access 2010 at this time so the change does not need to be known to them, but main office might want to know. Ttenbergen 18:03, 2013 December 12 (CST)


rolled out - Ttenbergen 14:15, 2013 November 21 (CST)

  • Removed "OVER" locations for Vic and Grace. Re-added Vic EMIP. Grace already had EMIP available. Ttenbergen 14:01, 2013 November 21 (CST)
  • dates in registry and DOB: made input mask consistent with format, and dates consistent with each other. Made it so that month needs to be letters. Ttenbergen 13:26, 2013 November 21 (CST)
    • input mask is 00/LLL/0000;;_
    • format is yyyy/mmm/dd

Changes collectors don't need to know

  • re-added dxs to table s_AllDiagnoses to be able to import legacy codes. Set "collection_allowed" to false for these: Ttenbergen 16:34, 2013 November 18 (CST)
    • 90600 paneling
    • 16000 - Soft tissue infections (old code)
  • changed query send_pharmacy to fix sending of checkbox-pharmacy-entries Ttenbergen 13:26, 2013 November 21 (CST)

ver 2013-11-07

Rolled out. Ttenbergen 13:47, 2013 November 11 (CST)

  • changed s_admitDischarge table entry "Outside Province-Uknown unit" to "... Unknown ..." Ttenbergen 15:53, 2013 November 7 (CST)
  • added S Tmp entry for project Comfort_Care Ttenbergen 11:27, 2013 November 11 (CST)
  • changed dx dropdown in patient viewer to not have a trailing "-" if there is not subdx (eg tasks or similar) Ttenbergen 11:27, 2013 November 11 (CST)
  • changed s_AllDiagnoses table entry Palliative Care to Palliative Service Ttenbergen 11:30, 2013 November 11 (CST)
  • fixed Send_Centralized_1L_Log_append to make it send SendDtTm properly. Ttenbergen 12:05, 2013 November 11 (CST)

ver 2013-11-04

rolled outTtenbergen 12:23, 2013 November 4 (CST)

changes collectors don't need to know

  • changed references to regional_Server to a public constant rather than a function Ttenbergen 12:04, 2013 November 4 (CST)
  • changed query send_Centralized_1L_Log__intermediate to have a send_dttm for every record rather than only for complete ones Ttenbergen 12:07, 2013 November 4 (CST)

ver 2013-10-28

rolled out Ttenbergen 13:47, 2013 October 29 (CDT)

  • fixed tab order in apache tab; it got messed up accidentally when I fixed a different problem with it in the previous version Ttenbergen 13:47, 2013 October 29 (CDT)
  • fixed dx finder in diagnosis tab; I forgot to add a "no category" blank option in the last version Ttenbergen 13:47, 2013 October 29 (CDT)

changes collectors don't need to know

  • added legacy locations to s_locations, set to inactive, for use with centralized. Ttenbergen 17:11, 2013 October 28 (CDT)

ver 2013-10-17

rolled out Ttenbergen 11:26, 2013 October 28 (CDT)

changes collectors need to know about

  • set "VIC _EMIP" to inactive in s_Locations Ttenbergen 16:26, 2013 October 17 (CDT)
  • updated dx_chooser to use categories properly; if you previously found this hard to use for searching and filtering, please give it another try Ttenbergen 19:29, 2013 October 17 (CDT)
  • fixed tab order (how the tab key moves between fields) in Apache screen. Before it would not tab from creatinine to ARF, now it does. Ttenbergen 20:00, 2013 October 17 (CDT)
  • Decreased page margins for send report. HSC requested I do it in the Master as they had had to re-set it after each update to save paper.
    • let me know if there are problems with the new setup. Ttenbergen 11:39, 2013 October 18 (CDT)
  • name checking function realchars() was set to allow numbers; disallowed numbers, so will no longer be able to complete records with numbers in names. Ttenbergen 11:47, 2013 October 18 (CDT)

changes collectors don't need to know about

  • added columns "program" and "active" to table s_Locations.
    • active will determine if visible in dropdown
    • program will be used in centralized_data.mdb to filter patients into CC or Med only piles Ttenbergen
    • populated both columns 16:24, 2013 October 17 (CDT)
  • updated query s_locations_local (which drives the location dropdown) to show only this program and active Ttenbergen 16:32, 2013 October 17 (CDT)
  • added code to delete two rows from A_Info table that are no longer used: RegSrv and data_path Ttenbergen 18:52, 2013 October 17 (CDT)
  • updated startup code to work properly even if A_Info table is not available Ttenbergen 19:12, 2013 October 17 (CDT)
  • previously, if no transfer time was entered on a long-stay patient, the checkbox would become unchecked, but no error would be given; re-instated output for Validate_TransTime() which was disabled Ttenbergen 19:43, 2013 October 17 (CDT)

ver 2013-10-03-2

rolled out Ttenbergen 10:25, 2013 October 9 (CDT)

  • fixing problems with the delete queries that send to centralized. Ttenbergen 15:06, 2013 October 3 (CDT)
    • updated Send_Centralized_L_Como_delete Ttenbergen 14:04, 2013 October 8 (CDT)
    • updated Send_Centralized_L_Dxs_delete Ttenbergen 14:11, 2013 October 8 (CDT)
    • updated Send_Centralized_L_Labs_Flowsheet_delete Ttenbergen 14:11, 2013 October 8 (CDT)
    • updated Send_Centralized_L_Pharm_Flowsheet_delete Ttenbergen 14:12, 2013 October 8 (CDT)
    • updated Send_Centralized_L_TmpV2_delete Ttenbergen 14:14, 2013 October 8 (CDT)

ver 2013-10-03

rolled out Ttenbergen 14:29, 2013 October 3 (CDT)

(I had made this version while off-line, just entering log after the fact.)

  • updated query send_Centralized_1L_Log__intermediate to include sentDtTm
  • updated Send_Centralized_1L_Log_append to include sentDtTm
  • updated Send_Centralized_1L_Log_update to include sentDtTm
  • added code to form_mainform to
    • DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Formatting (Form/Report)", acToolbarNo
    • DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Form Design", acToolbarNo
    • always show full menus (CommandBars.AdaptiveMenus = False)

ver 2013-09-12

rolled out Ttenbergen 17:41, 2013 September 12 (CDT) Changes collectors don't need to know about:

  • updated Send_Centralized_L_Labs_Flowsheet_append to include D_ID, was accidentally missed at implementation. Ttenbergen 17:35, 2013 September 12 (CDT)
  • updated Send_Centralized_L_Pharm_Flowsheet_append, it was not sending anything before. Ttenbergen 17:40, 2013 September 12 (CDT)

ver 2013-09-11

rolled out Bcloutier 16:28, 2013 September 11 (CDT)

Changes Collectors Need to Know

Changes Collectors Do Not Need to Know

ver 2013-09-05-2

rolled out Ttenbergen 13:43, 2013 September 5 (CDT)

  • correction to query Send_Centralized_L_Pharm_Flowsheet_append

ver 2013-09-05

rolled out Ttenbergen 11:56, 2013 September 5 (CDT)

Changes collectors don't need to know:

  • updated send function to use the new queries added in previous version. Ttenbergen 11:56, 2013 September 5 (CDT)

ver 2013-08-12

rolled out Ttenbergen 12:27, 2013 August 29 (CDT)

Changes collectors should know about:

  • on Pharmacy screen, fixed pop-up hints:
    • added pariet to rabeprazole for PPI
    • added "linezolid (Zyvoxam), daptomycin (Cubicin), quinipristin/dalfopristin" for Vanco alternatives
  • changed column order in Patient List as requested Ttenbergen 11:32, 2013 August 29 (CDT)
  • changed date input mask for admit/transfer/discharge to be consistent with the way the dates are displayed Ttenbergen 12:12, 2013 August 29 (CDT)

Changes collectors don't need to know:

  • added Send_Centralized_L_Como__intermediate
  • added Send_Centralized_L_Como_append
  • added Send_Centralized_L_Como_delete
  • added Send_centralized_L_Como_update
  • added Sent_Centralized_L_TmpV2__intermediate
  • added Send_Centralized_L_TmpV2_append
  • added Send_Centralized_L_TmpV2_delete
  • added Send_Centralized_L_TmpV2_update
  • added Send_Centralized_L_Labs_Flowsheet__intermediate
  • added Send_Centralized_L_Labs_Flowsheet_append
  • added Send_Centralized_L_Labs_Flowsheet_update
  • added Send_Centralized_L_Pharm_Flowsheet_append
  • added Send_Centralized_L_Pharm_Flowsheet_delete
  • added Send_Centralized_L_Pharm_Flowsheet_update
  • updated Convert_DB() to put in place CCMDB_data.mdb_Change_Log#2013-08-12
  • updated Regional_server_connected() to also check for presence of centralized_data.mdb Ttenbergen 10:45, 2013 August 29 (CDT)
  • updated query send_Centralized_1L_Log__intermediate to mask birth-date by setting all to first of the month; this is to reduce changes of identifying patients Ttenbergen 11:41, 2013 August 29 (CDT)

ver 2013-08-01

rolled out Ttenbergen 17:07, 2013 August 8 (CDT)

  • changed tmp entry for QAInf from "CLI (call Basil Evans if MICU/SICU/IICU)" to loose the "s" in Evans - Ttenbergen 09:36, 2013 August 1 (CDT)

. . . Overstay Changes

  • changed Overstay Tmp dropdown option "Form data missing" to "DPST data missing" Ttenbergen 09:51, 2013 August 1 (CDT)
  • added request for confirmation that this is the colour to send, and changed code so it is only added to tmp if "yes" is clicked.Ttenbergen 10:02, 2013 August 1 (CDT)
  • changed overstay code so that overstay will now replace entry in tmp rather than add new one, and only after asking if this is for good Ttenbergen 13:43, 2013 August 1 (CDT)
  • colour will now be automatically added to beginning of Notes field. Ttenbergen 14:52, 2013 August 1 (CDT)
  • Collectors don't need to know the following:
    • cleaned up s_tmp to have only one line for each overstay option, used to require more when only certain hospitals were participating Ttenbergen 09:51, 2013 August 1 (CDT)
    • added check to require a colour or a "DPST data missing" to be present Ttenbergen 12:52, 2013 August 1 (CDT)
      • this has been commented out in tmp_checker for now while discussion about it continues Ttenbergen 15:02, 2013 August 1 (CDT)
    • eliminated check location_is_part_of_overstay() because all locations are on now

. . . New Data Repository

Collectors don't need to know any of this at this time.

  • added 18 char text field d_id to centralized_data.mdb.L_Log and updated it to [R_location]-[Pat_ID]Ttenbergen 15:23, 2013 August 1 (CDT)
  • changed centralized_data.mdb.L_Dxs.Pat_ID to 18 char text D_Id; changed Diag_ID to 30 char text field. Ttenbergen 15:28, 2013 August 1 (CDT)
  • renamed send to centralized queries to include table name, e.g. Send_Centralized_1L_Log_append; updated queries to use new d_id Ttenbergen 16:01, 2013 August 1 (CDT)
  • updated Send_Centralized_L_Dxs_append to send with new combined diag_id Ttenbergen 16:50, 2013 August 1 (CDT)
  • created Send_Centralized_L_Dxs_delete Ttenbergen 16:19, 2013 August 8 (CDT)
  • confirmed that minimal data set check query minimal_data_set_incomplete includes check for R_Location (to make sure that d_id can be generated). Ttenbergen 16:52, 2013 August 8 (CDT)
  • confirmed that queries update only things that are RecordStatus = "incomplete" in centralized.mdbTtenbergen 16:52, 2013 August 8 (CDT)
  • added new sending queries to Sub Send_Data() Ttenbergen 16:55, 2013 August 8 (CDT)

ver 2013-07-31-2

rolled out Ttenbergen 12:15, 2013 July 31 (CDT)

  • fixed error on sending "The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot find the input table or query 'O_L_Log'. Make sure it exists and that its name is spelled correctly". Ttenbergen 12:15, 2013 July 31 (CDT)
    • changed order of checks in send function to make sure O_L_Log is linked before check runs. this was pulled forward because changes in the last version made sure that all connections are closed after sending.

ver 2013-07-31

rolled out Ttenbergen 10:38, 2013 July 31 (CDT)

  • fixed bug that stopped sending
    • changed query send_check_centralized_is_owner, it was only checking Patient_ID rather than Patient_ID & Location Ttenbergen 10:15, 2013 July 31 (CDT)
  • changed sub CloseOutputDBs and added sub CloseTable to close new tables opened in last version. Ttenbergen 10:34, 2013 July 31 (CDT)

ver 2013-07-04

rolled out Ttenbergen 17:21, 2013 July 29 (CDT)

  • eliminated DC Treatment as an option for Medicine...Ttenbergen 09:28, 2013 July 4 (CDT)
    • field hidden via sub legacy_hider()
  • added check for leading-must-be-letter in first and last name Ttenbergen 16:53, 2013 July 17 (CDT)
  • fixed location of label for Var2, had somehow got moved. Ttenbergen 13:19, 2013 July 29 (CDT)
  • deleted table s_record_status, duplicate of s_recordstatus Ttenbergen 13:21, 2013 July 29 (CDT)
  • made it it impossible to set RecordStatus to "sent" and "resend" Ttenbergen 13:25, 2013 July 29 (CDT)
    • added "visible" column and updated dropdown to show depending on value Ttenbergen 13:25, 2013 July 29 (CDT)
  • disabled autocorrect in first and last name fields; see also Disabling autocorrect in MS Access to prevent "correction" of names Ttenbergen 14:16, 2013 July 29 (CDT)
  • changed query Send_Centralized_update to only update centralized.mdb if the recordstatus in centralized.mdb is "Incomplete". Ttenbergen 15:36, 2013 July 29 (CDT)
  • preventing re-sending of previously sent records to centralized.mdb Ttenbergen 16:18, 2013 July 29 (CDT)
    • added query send_check_centralized_is_owner to ensure that there is no unsent record that is set to complete in centralized.mdb Ttenbergen 16:18, 2013 July 29 (CDT)
    • adding code to not send when this query is not empty Ttenbergen 16:22, 2013 July 29 (CDT)
  • sending PHI Data
    • added query send_PHI to send Ttenbergen 16:47, 2013 July 29 (CDT)
    • added code to module sending to send the data Ttenbergen 17:04, 2013 July 29 (CDT)
  • updated sub "OpenOutputDBs" to open remaining tables in centralized_data.mdb Ttenbergen 17:11, 2013 July 29 (CDT)
  • added remaining tables to centralized_data.mdb. Ttenbergen 17:13, 2013 July 29 (CDT)
    • (this also means that the YES, NO items in pharmacy ccmdb are no longer going into pharmacy.mdb, then are going into centralized.mdb) (Trish)
      • No, this did not change anything about what goes into pharmacy.mdb. It just happened put the pharmacy info into a secondary place where we found it today. The change that stopped the yes/no stuff from being sent happened at a different time.-Ttenbergen 23:33, 2013 November 19 (CST)
        • well not clear to us when the change was made. If it wasn't here then delete this and let us know where it says in change log clearly when this was done. Thanks.Trish Ostryzniuk 10:07, 2013 November 20 (CST)

ver 2013-07-03

rolled out Ttenbergen 16:19, 2013 July 3 (CDT)

  • changed the colour generator for Overstay to ignore palliative diagnosis, i.e. patient will be coded as if that dx was not present at all. Ttenbergen 16:17, 2013 July 3 (CDT)

ver 2013-06-10

rolled out Ttenbergen 16:45, 2013 July 2 (CDT)

  • moved the "RecStatus" column to the very right in the patient list as requested by collectors. Ttenbergen 15:47, 2013 June 10 (EDT)
  • fixed queries "Send_Centralized_append" and "Send_Centralized_append" to include field RecordStatus Ttenbergen 11:18, 2013 June 12 (EDT)
  • added sub Sub compact_runner() to deal with chinese characters in output; this replaces scheduling compact-repair Ttenbergen 13:49, 2013 July 2 (EDT)
  • cleaned out pre-send checker to make it much faster; sorry, I had not realized that check was taking minutes now, down to about a second nowTtenbergen
    • commented out transfusion, euroscore, moves and smartpump checks
    • removes queries s_tmp_PtReqMoveMissing, s_tmp_moves_identical_DtTm, s_tmp_moves_No_consecutive_same_location, s_tmp_moves_w_int_HSC_Not_from_HR_or _not_to_self, s_tmp_moves_w_int_moves_gt_1_at_hsc, s_tmp_moves_w_one_move_from_emerg_to_self_at_HSC
    • changed how checks for QAInf are done
    • eliminated iterative checks, replaced with queries

ver 2013-06-04

Rolled out Ttenbergen 16:17, 2013 June 4 (EDT)

  • Fixed send error
    • Fixed query Send_Pharmacy
      • I suspect this or the previous change that this tried to fix is where the sending to pharmacy broke. Ttenbergen 23:37, 2013 November 19 (CST)

ver 2013-06-03

rolled out Ttenbergen 13:03, 2013 June 3 (EDT)

  • changes in previous versions combined to break query Pharm_Flowsheet_Sum and sub PharmCheck(); fixedTtenbergen 11:12, 2013 June 3 (EDT)
  • replaced all mentions in VBA of with Ttenbergen 12:20, 2013 June 3 (EDT)
  • added 9200 - Tracheobronchitis
  • eliminated 3005 - Bronchitis
  • implemented Eliminating a diagnosis from collection
    • added "collection_allowed" column to s_alldiagnoses, set true for all except Bronchitis-3005Ttenbergen 11:39, 2013 June 3 (EDT)
    • changed dropdown to not list if not "collection_allowed" Ttenbergen 11:39, 2013 June 3 (EDT)
    • change checks to fail if not "collection_allowed" Ttenbergen 12:50, 2013 June 3 (EDT)
    • added Function TmpChecker to reject if not "collection_allowed" Ttenbergen 12:50, 2013 June 3 (EDT)

ver 2013-05-24

rolled out Ttenbergen 19:10, 2013 May 30 (EDT)

  • work on RecordStatus field
    • updated cb_addPt_Click() to set field form_view.RecordStatus to "Incomplete" (ie default to)
    • created query "2013_05_24_convert_recordstatus"
      • change all to "incomplete"
      • change to "sent" for all that are sent
      • change to "finalcheck" for all that are finalcheck (by doing this second, those who are both will end up latter)
    • change FinalCheck functionality to RecordStatus:
      • moved validation of completeness into sub "completeness_validation()", changed event triggers so that a change of either status or finalcheck will change both
      • added RecordStatus stuff to Sending
    • replaced references to FinalCheck in VBA.
    • edited queries to let content through if RecordStatus = "Complete" rather than if FinalChecked; or to include Recordstatus instead FinalCheck
      • EdsCC
      • EdsMed
      • Send_Imaging
      • L_Pharm_FlowSheet_sum
      • Send_Pharmacy
      • Send_Tasks
      • Send_Tasks_Master
      • Send_Tmp
      • Send_Tmp_audit
    • changed functions uncheck_* to deal with RecordStatus rather than FinalCheck
    • changed sub Convert_DB() to twist FinalCheck into RecordStatus Ttenbergen 17:24, 2013 May 30 (EDT)
    • changed sub cb_Delete_Sent_Patients_Click() to look in RecordStatus instead Ttenbergen 18:57, 2013 May 30 (EDT)
    • made finalcheck invisible in Patient Viewer form
    • made finalcheck invisible in PatientList form and added RecordStatus field; incl sorter buttons
    • changed query PatientList to include Recordstatus
    • changed query PendingJulie to populate if recordstatus = incomplete
  • deleted query "FinalChecks" since it does not seem to be used by anything. Ttenbergen 16:29, 2013 May 30 (EDT)
  • removed leftovers from PendingPagasa query
  • cleaned up send_temp query to eliminate duplication; also cleaned up s_tmp for same reason

ver 2013-05-22

rolled out Ttenbergen 10:05, 2013 May 24 (EDT)

  • phin vs chart error check from last update would give error when one or other not entered; changed so that null will not give error. Ttenbergen 10:02, 2013 May 24 (EDT)

ver 2013-05-13

Rolled out Ttenbergen 17:57, 2013 May 22 (EDT)

  • Updated the s_charlson_dxs table
    • changed category names for cancer to be malignancy and metastatic solid tumor
    • added “allow_admit” and “allow_como” columns
    • populating above
    • ensured that the diagnoses are same as what Julie counts
  • Deleted legacy queries 20130311_update_L_Log_from_L_Pharm and 20130311_pharm_converter
  • changed tmp entry for Qa_inf#B._Central_Line_Infection
    • added wording "CLI (call Basil Evans if MICU/SICU/IICU)"
    • inactivated wording "Central Line Infection"
  • Overastay fixes
    • will now give useful error when Glasgow Coma Scale is not filled out, before it would just error invalid use of null Ttenbergen 15:10, 2013 May 22 (EDT)
    • tweaked how score is generated Ttenbergen 15:10, 2013 May 22 (EDT)
  • removed location VIC_N4 from s_locations
  • cleaned up MR lists
    • deleted Reports MR_List, MR_List_LnFn
    • deleted corresponding buttons from mainform
  • added check to ensure PHIN and Chart are not the same
  • added check to ensure PHIN is (PHIN < 130 000 000 and PHIN <> 999 999 999)
  • fixed error where having a discharge date but no time would break the pharmacy day count checker, now box becomes unchecked with useful error. Ttenbergen 17:49, 2013 May 22 (EDT)

ver 2013-04-24

rolled out Ttenbergen 17:56, 2013 May 9 (EDT)

  • fixed problem where empty Postal Code would not be accepted even if the check box was checked
    • fixed how Temp_Checker_in_viewer establishes whether the box is checked Ttenbergen 16:29, 2013 April 24 (EDT)
  • changed the pharmacy tab so the check boxes are at the top and the list at the bottom Ttenbergen 16:48, 2013 April 24 (EDT)
  • moved special GI drugs to be with other GI drugs as requested Ttenbergen 16:48, 2013 April 24 (EDT)
  • implemented RecordStatus field
    • L_Log field already existed from planning some time ago
    • added field to patient viewer Ttenbergen 17:01, 2013 April 24 (EDT)
    • added and populated table s_RecordStatus for options Ttenbergen 17:02, 2013 April 24 (EDT)
    • deleted table old s_record_status when I realized I had already implemented it when I made the field Ttenbergen 17:06, 2013 April 24 (EDT)
  • setting up Overstay for HSC
    • added Overstay tmp table lines Ttenbergen 17:19, 2013 May 9 (EDT)
    • confirmed autoenter will workTtenbergen 17:30, 2013 May 9 (EDT)
    • changed query "check_overstay_not_entered" to check HSC; also updated it to check VIC which had not been included when that was set up; had to update non-GRA checks to make this work. Ttenbergen 17:40, 2013 May 9 (EDT)

ver 2013-04-15

rolled out Ttenbergen 10:31, 2013 April 18 (EDT)

  • admit date in patient list would not show if time was not entered; fixed Ttenbergen 12:38, 2013 April 15 (EDT)
  • added Misericordia Operating and "other site" OR and RR to Admit/Discharge list Ttenbergen 10:31, 2013 April 18 (EDT)
  • added "cont inf" to applicable labels on the drug list Ttenbergen 14:37, 2013 April 15 (EDT)
  • added context hints back to drugs Ttenbergen 10:31, 2013 April 18 (EDT)

ver 2013-04-04

rolled out Ttenbergen 14:19, 2013 April 4 (EDT)

  • added "Misr Recovery MR" to admit dropdown (i.e. to table s_AdmitDischarge) as discussed in ICU Task Meeting Ttenbergen 14:19, 2013 April 4 (EDT)

ver 2013-03-20

rolled out Ttenbergen 16:54, 2013 March 21 (EDT) What collectors need to know:

  • fixing sending

Details collectors don't need to know:

  • reverted to old EdsCC table and send_pharm table from pre-ver 2013-03-20; had deleted old send_pharm table because it is no longer really used to send data, but it broke the sending process, so reverted back. Can delete those when we stop sending to Ed's program.
  • made function to format date the way it needs to be since the export specifications got broken in this whole messTtenbergen 16:54, 2013 March 21 (EDT)

ver 2013-03-20

rolled outTtenbergen 16:44, 2013 March 20 (EDT) changes collectors will want to know about:

  • fixed sending problem for pharmacy

Changes collectors don't need to know about:

  • updated logistic regression threshold to .4 Ttenbergen 12:46, 2013 March 20 (EDT)
  • updated EdsCC to no longer need send_labs that was deleted in most recent previous version Ttenbergen 16:42, 2013 March 20 (EDT)

ver 2013-03-11

rolled out Ttenbergen 15:18, 2013 March 14 (EDT)

You need to be plugged into the network the first time 
you run the program because it will attempt to download 
a new data file. 
  • changes data collectors need to know about:
    • implementing update for new Drugs Collected Ttenbergen 14:38, 2013 March 11 (EDT)
  • details collectors don't need to know about:
    • (leaving L_Pharm table as is for now because changing it would require accomodating existing data)
    • changed error messaging related to updating ccmdb_data.mdb, ie Module DB_Converter - Ttenbergen 17:32, 2013 March 11 (EDT)
    • update forms to accommodate new data - Ttenbergen 17:32, 2013 March 11 (EDT)
    • deleted legacy tables send_labs and send_pharm - Ttenbergen 17:34, 2013 March 11 (EDT)
    • update sending to accommodate new structure
      • updated query send_pharmacy -
      • updated query L_Pharm_FlowSheet_sum -
    • implemented queries to convert drugs now y/n to L_Log format: Ttenbergen 14:52, 2013 March 14 (EDT)
      • 20130311_update_L_Log_from_L_Pharm
      • 20130311_pharm_converter

ver 2013-02-28

rolled out Ttenbergen 16:03, 2013 February 28 (EST)

  • changed "project" column for project ABO TEE to "A_T ..." Ttenbergen

ver 2013-02-21

rolled out Ttenbergen 16:42, 2013 February 21 (EST)

  • changes collectors might want to know about:
    • made First and Lastname bold in patient list to make them easier to read
    • fixed sorting for MR list oldest discharge first
  • changes collectors don't need to know about:
    • changed new patient handling to accommodate patient IDs to big for integer data type

ver 2013-02-13

rolled out Ttenbergen 14:41, 2013 February 13 (EST)

  • Overstay tmp field "From location missing" was set up accidentally so it would automatically be entered for every new patient; changed to not auto-populate Ttenbergen 10:25, 2013 February 13 (EST)
  • fixed problem evaluating variable Dementia_AdCo, it was being set to a diagnosis code rather than a yes/no Ttenbergen 10:50, 2013 February 13 (EST)
  • fixed Function adlmean_age_function used to calculate Adlmean_age, equation was not bracketed right Ttenbergen 10:50, 2013 February 13 (EST)

ver 2013-02-04

rolled out Ttenbergen 18:40, 2013 February 8 (EST)

important changes collectors need to know about

  • added Overstay "from other" option to s_tmp to address from jail or homeless Ttenbergen 15:52, 2013 February 7 (EST)
  • added MR List sorted by oldest discharge date first Ttenbergen 14:48, 2013 February 7 (EST)
  • implemented new scoring algorithm and updated Overstay Predictor Project Collection Instructions correspondingly Ttenbergen 18:34, 2013 February 8 (EST)

less important changes collectors need to know about

  • corrected coding in how patients are coloured for overstay:
    • if "from" missing treat as if not from nursing home; the message said it would be treated as that before, but the patients were in fact coloured as if a question had been "no".
    • if there are fewer than 6 entries (either answers of lines with "missing"), NurseFormEval used to eval as "red", will now turn "undefined"
    • before, only less than 6 questions would trigger a msg to collector that number of answers is wrong, now <>6 will. Ttenbergen 15:09, 2013 February 7 (EST)
    • earlier addition of automatically entered "Enter "from"" entries disabled the checking for lacking "from" entries; from entry checking should now work and not generate a colour unless exactly one from line is present Ttenbergen 15:30, 2013 February 7 (EST)

changes collectors don't need to know about

  • changed diagnosis spelling "TIA'S (Transient Ischemic Attacks)" to "TIAs (Transient Ischemic Attacks)"; the TIAs aren't owning anything, it's a plural Ttenbergen 17:47, 2013 February 7 (EST)
  • fixed spelling for Pheochromocytoma, was Pheocromocytoma Ttenbergen 22:05, 2013 February 7 (EST)
  • implemented queries s_charlson_dx (charlson score component comorbids max score) and s_charlson_score (charlson score total) Ttenbergen 22:48, 2013 February 7 (EST)

ver 2013-01-29

rolled out Ttenbergen 14:24, 2013 January 31 (EST)

  • added "z not available" to each item for Project ABO TEE
  • changed query driving the tmp form to display lines for which no entry exist in s_tmp, e.g. lines without project/item, so they can be fixed Ttenbergen 14:14, 2013 January 31 (EST)

ver 2013-01-28

rolled out yesterday Ttenbergen 13:47, 2013 January 29 (EST)

  • tweaks to Project ABO TEE
    • implement ABO TEE LV fraction options as per discussion on wiki - Ttenbergen 13:51, 2013 January 28 (EST)

ver 2013-01-26

rolled out Ttenbergen 10:50, 2013 January 28 (EST)

  • Changes reviewed. Think I answered all your questions. Lois needs to final confirm your question about ABO TEE - LV range or exact Value.
  • fixed Med Var 5 for GRA and Vic
    • the option was present in s_varOptions, but the field had been made invisible in Public Sub Legacy_Hider()
  • implemented Project ABO TEE - Ttenbergen 17:33, 2013 January 25 (EST)
  • changed uncontrolled HTN to Uncontrolled Hypertension - Ttenbergen 17:33, 2013 January 25 (EST)
  • changed Tracheostomy - site infection to list as an infection - Ttenbergen 17:51, 2013 January 25 (EST)
  • added Overstay entry capability for the Vic Ttenbergen 10:40, 2013 January 28 (EST)